Using Zeno For Acne Treatment

End your acne suffering now by trying out the Zeno treatment


If you suffer from acne and are afraid of the acne scars that can be left behind, there is a treatment that you can avail of without medication. This is called the Zeno Acne treatment which is a device that clears acne in one portable electronic hand gadget. Since much of acne is caused by the clogging of hair follicles, pore inflammation, bacterial infections and over production of sebum, every adult and teenager is faced with chronic cases of acne that just don’t seem to go away.Image result for acne

With the Zeno device, you can heat up the skin to 120 degrees with heat-shock proteins which can instantly kill unwanted bacteria and lessen pore inflammation in minutes.

This device is an electronic medical hand-held device which has a microchip that can last 90 uses. This is replaceable by a different cartridge which is good for another 90 trials. This electronic device can be used up to three times daily and does not scar your skin. The heat is endurable and will not burn you. The best part is this device is approved by the FDA for acne and pimple treatment.
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This nifty piece of technology is available at physician’s office for better distribution with physician advice and recommendations. At the current cost of $235, this device is well worth the money if you are adverse to medication of any kind going on your skin. The 90-use cartridges can also be availed of at physician’s offices. The Zeno gadget is a long-awaited product that has people anticipating the reduction of acne breakouts without medication. You can end your acne suffering now by trying out the Zeno treatment and checking if it works with your acne problems. So instead of slathering ointment after ointment of topical medication on your skin, or drinking oral medication for your acne condition, try the Zeno device and find out the difference it makes when dealing with your acne.

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