UVO Voice Control: The Power of Kia and Microsoft combined


The amount of technology that is introduced and integrated into the new cars that we drive today is simply amazing.  In recent reports, major car manufacturer Kia Motors has teamed up with popular software developer Microsoft to make driving on the road a lot easier than it might be now.  The UVO Voice Control will have all of the features that you want with new voice activation technology.

While voice control and voice activation has already been introduced and installed in cars across the country, Microsoft has created Windows Embedded Auto.  This software for cars has now been integrated with the Kia Sole.  With this technology included with the cars, new drivers will be able to control a wide variety of electronics and aspects within the car while driving.

Many people today possess cell phones and gaming devices that can be linked together with the use of Bluetooth technology.  This type of technology is now wired into the Kia Soul so that you can control all of your electronics and cell phones through your car.  You will simply say a command and the car will recognize your voice and complete that action.

The Kia Soul is a car that is geared toward those who are younger and looking for an inexpensive mode of transportation.  However, with all of these great options and the ability to plug in your USB devices into your car, people of all ages have been turned onto this car.  Having the voice control will allow you to focus on the road, rather than fussing around with all of your gear.

Those curious about how accurate the UVO (Your Voice) system sounds should make sure to check it out this fall.  The entire software system has been built into all 2011 Kia Soul models.  So far it seems that the entire system is going to be fairly simple to catch onto as well as program.  Upon the purchase you will be given the proper instructions and the dealership members will show you exactly what needs to be done.  Once programmed you are ready to drive.

The 2011 Kia Soul mixed in with the UVO Control system will be available for just under $20,000.  The software that Microsoft has created for the Kia will be seen in a wide variety of other makes and models.  Those who have their heart set on a different vehicle may want to wait and buy in order to receive the Windows Embedded Auto.

Source by Marc