Venus or Shukra and Hindu Astrology

The Asuras whom Venus or Shukra guided were devotees of different aspects of the Divine Trinity represented by Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. The Asuras obtained powerful siddhis, that is control over supernatural powers as a result of benedictions received from these gods. The primary distinction between the Devas and the Asuras is ahankara, the ego, which the latter represent. But egoism or the idea of the separate self is the root cause of human manifestation. Shukra, as the teacher of egoistic beings like the Daityas and Rakshasas, has the prime task of preserving and nourishing them in an ordered existence. This is only possible by the observance of an ideal code of social behaviour, which Shukra laid down as the Dharma Shastra or code of righteous behaviour. The planetary impulse from Venus aims at maintaining a well-ordered harmonious interaction between different people.

The Shiva Purana mentions that Shukra was born from the vital fluid of Lord Shiva when his passion was aroused b the captivating form of Vishnu which had once subdued and destroyed a powerful demon. The form was so seductive that having seen it Shiva could not contain himself; his creative-fluid came out and Shukra arose from it. The word Shukra in Sanskrit means semen as well as Agni or fire. Shiva himself christened this personification of energy as Shukra and assigned it sway over the Asuras or the multitude to carry out the task of reproduction.

This legend highlights the function of Venus in relation to procreation.

Lord Shiva is the supreme creative force and Venus is the personification of his creative fluid. This fluid is ejaculated as a result of its downward movement as opposed to its upward movement, which takes place when the Kundalini is aroused under spiritual discipline. Its downward movement manifests through-the sexual urge. It is expressed as an emotional impulse for physical union, while the upward movement leads to the integration of the various principles of the soul. As this movement occurred due to Shiva’s witnessing an illusive form of the preservation principle represented by Vishnu, the resulting planetary deity is also credited to produce attraction to the world of illusion or the material world and the urge to get involved in it which is expressed as sex.

Source by Shanker Adawal