Victoria’s Secret: the History of the Biggest Lingerie Brand in the World

Victoria's Secret has given much-needed attention to the lingerie industry

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Victoria’s Secret is perhaps one of the largest lingerie brands in the world with presence across a thousand stores in the United States. It has been said that it is Victoria’s Secret which has given the most needed attention to lingerie industry. It was Roy Raymond who gave birth to Victoria’s Secret in San Francisco since he wanted to build up a cozy, inviting atmosphere very similar to that of a Victorian boudouir. Roy’s three stores and catalog business were later on acquired by Limited Brands. Over the years it has created a name for itself in fashion shows and has created a history for itself as a sexy, romantic and youthful brand. It has even been recognized as a great place to buy lingerie.

A Victoria's Secret store in Las Vegas Wikimedia Commons
A Victoria’s Secret store in Las Vegas
Wikimedia Commons

Roy came up wi the h idea of establishing a lingerie company after the embarrassment he used to feel while purchasing lingerie for his wife at the local department store. The first store was opened at Stanford Shopping Center and soon followed mail order catalog and three other stores. They were aimed at creating a comfortable environment for making purchases for men coupled with helpful sales staff.

Adriana Lima Victoria Secret Christmas 05 | by forluvofsex
Adriana Lima Victoria Secret Christmas 05 | by forluvofsex

Rather than racks filled up with lingerie of all sizes the company opted for a strategy of keeping single styles on wall in frames so that men could browse through styles and the sales staff can then help them to pull one from the inventory. It was in 1982 after five years of operation that Raymond sold off the company to The Limited. The personalized image of the brand was kept intact and it was through the American malls that it expanded itself and by the nineties it had become the largest American lingerie retailer crossing the billion dollar mark in sales. In 2007 itself Limited Brands sold off three-fourth of Limited Clothing chain to Sun Capital Partners for boosting sales of its lingerie stores and Bath and Body Works.

Credit: Flickr
Credit: Flickr

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