Virender Sehwag Should Be Ashamed of the Post He Put Up To Counter a Soldier’s Death

Virender Sehwag’s tweet proves the ‘See ball, hit ball’ technique does not always work in real life

Image: Facebook

Virender Sehwag is a funny man on Twitter. He was funny when he took on Piers Morgan, he is funny when he pokes fun at himself and he is funny when he is congratulating others.

Maybe Sehwag had a brain-freeze on Sunday night when he put up this tweet in response to Gurmehar Kaur’s tweet where she spoke about the death of her father.

For someone who claims to love the Indian army, Sehwag has displayed a shocking lack of perspective when he compared scoring two triple centuries to a soldier dying for the country. With that one statement, he trivialized Captain Mandeep Singh’s death at Kargil.

And even worse, his tweet gave people permission to come up with their own memes and take on Kaur. Captain Singh’s death was compared to Salman Khan’s killing of the black bucks, Dawood’s bombing of Mumbai, Hitler’s gassing of the Jews and numerous other out-of-context events. Because, ‘agar Sehwag ne tweet kiya, toh galat kaise ho sakta hain?’  You are the reason other idiots came out and fought for you.

And of course, the rape threats continued.

When you went out to bat, you had a helmet, a crotch guard and bunch of different accessories protecting you. You knew where the bowler would bowl from and you had time to play your shots. If you saw something move behind the bowler’s arm, you could walk away and ask him to go back to his mark. The armyman who died didn’t have any of these luxuries. He didn’t know where the bullet that killed him came from, and he sure as hell couldn’t ask for the enemy soldier to take aim and fire again.

As a website, we haven’t written on what’s been happening at Ramjas because we don’t have anyone to report from there. We don’t know who is right and who is wrong. So we choose not to comment.

We are, however, calling you out on your tweet. It is wrong and you should be ashamed.