Want a Baby Boy? Eat Mutton Says Kerala Newspaper

The Malayali newspaper publishes a list of ‘scientifically proven’ methods to ensure conception of a male child

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India’s preference for a male child is well-known and for decades and quite possibly centuries pregnant women have been asked to eat certain foods and adopt certain practices in order to conceive a baby boy or somehow magically the change the sex of their foetus. Now, a Malayali newspaper, Mangalam, has come up with a list of “scientifically proven” (no research is cited, of course) methods to ensure that a baby boy is conceived.

The Ladies Finger, an online women’s magazine, managed to translate the Malayali daily so that non-Malayali readers can also apply the “scientifically proven” methods. Tips include copulation on only the 1st,3rd,5th and seventh day of the week? Why? Maybe because this is very odd advice indeed. Another tip mentions having breakfast every day– the only scientifically proven advice for good health in general. This does make sense because breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and giving birth to many sons is the duty of an ideal Indian woman.

Other tips for child-bearers including sleeping on the left side, eating a lot of dry grapes and mutton and increasing one’s food intake. Men, for once, are not left out either. They are advised against eating acidic food which may affect their Y-chromosome bearing sperms.

Unfortunately, this article has been published in Kerala, the state with India’s highest literacy (93.91 percent compared to national average of 74.04 percent) and the only state where the sex ratio of women outnumbers men (1.084 to the national average of 0.940). It almost appears that the preference for having a male child is something education cannot change.

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