Warning Signs For The blind

These are signs that warn or inform us to be extra careful

Visually impaired people have to rely on their other senses so as to navigate the world. They use their senses of touch and hearing so as to get around their environments. They also use a tapping cane or a seeing eye guide dog so as to travel for work or leisure. The visually impaired often encounter a unique challenge, knowing about and reading safety or warning signs. These are signs that warn or inform us to be extra careful while approaching specific areas. These signs can be road safety signs or those used in buildings such as wet floor signs. It is important for blind people to be aware of these signs. Read on to find out methods through which warning signs for the blind are implemented.Image result for blindBraille and tactile signs

To help blind people become aware of warning signs, there are signs that are constructed such that the blind person can touch the sign and know what it says. The warning signs for the blind have raised letters and therefore the blind person can touch them and tell what the signs mean. In addition to the raised letters, the signs have Braille letters in them. This is a special language that blind people learn that is made up of raised dots. These dots represent letters when they are arranged in specific ways. Thus, the signs have braille letters indicating what the sign says. The blind people can touch the braille and read the signs. This combination can be applied in various types of signs. Examples of these signs are those indicating a ramp, a washroom, an entrance or an exit for disabled people. Moreover, this combination can be applied to indicate the male and female washrooms. Such signs are very important in helping blind people to navigate the world.

Detectable signs for the blind

Detectable warning signs for the blind are surface features that are applied on or built into a surface to alert visually-impaired people that they need to be cautious of something in the vicinity. These signs feature raised dots that make the surface rough. As such, it can be placed on areas such as floors and paths. Thus, when blind people walk upon them, they will feel the difference in texture and know that they need to be aware of something in the area.

The Bluetooth technology Project Eli

This is a brand new project where blind people can be warned of obstacles and situations in their vicinity by making use of Bluetooth technology. A team from Germany is working on a technological project where various signs in buildings and in cities can be fitted with Bluetooth 4.0 technology. When a visually impaired person can have the Project Eli application downloaded into their smartphone. After that, whenever the blind person is moving around and is within the vicinity of warning signs, the sign sends him or her a message using Bluetooth technology informing them to be cautious. The smartphone will receive the message and say it out loud to the blind person. This application starts as soon as the phone is switched on and runs in the background as the person uses their phone. Many representatives from organizations for the blind people are tremendously interested in this application. Moreover, it is much more affordable than getting a seeing eye guide dog. The Project Eli application will help many blind people to live life easier.

Source by John Dever