Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis Get into a Fight After Sehwag’s Tweet

A tweet from Virender Sehwag is all it took to start a war of words between the two legendary cricketers


Virender Sehwag is not only known for his smashing performances on field, but also his persona off the field. He recently tweeted out a photo which talked about how Waqar Younis talked about getting run-out as he wanted to prevent Anil Kumble from reaching his historic 10-wicket haul on February 7, 1999 in the fourth innings of a Delhi Test. The tweet also talks about Waqar discussing the same incident with former captain Wasim Akram. Akram, who is known to be a gentleman, turned down the opportunity and said he won’t throw away his wicket just to deny Kumble the feat.

As expected, this tweet caught the attention of  Waqar Younis. He replied that the incident in question “never happened” and that “age is catching up with Wasim Bhai”.

Waqar also added an emoji with sunglasses to his tweet to make it seem like a fun conversation between two old friends.

The original tweet:

But unfortunately for Younis, Akram did reply and he wasn’t too happy. He tweeted this before deleting it: “@waqyounis99 Get your facts right mate. And if we are going to go down the “age” road you know I’ll Beat you in that game every time.”

Although Waqar and Wasim might have been really good together on the field, it seems like the stories of them not getting along off-field may be true if a tweet from Virender Sehwag could almost start a Twitter war between the two.