Watch: Frozen’s Elsa and Anna Play Funny Pranks on Spiderman

Little Club's new video is a laugh riot

Youtube/Little Club

Little Club’s new 10-minute animated video has crossed over 4 million views in a day. The video has Elsa and Anna from Disney’s Frozen and superhero Spiderman play funny pranks on each other.


The video begins with Elsa looking at her herself in distorted mirrors. Two monstrous hands pop out frightening her. When she realizes she was pranked by Anna and Spiderman, she decides to takes revenge by covering herself with a white blanket and moving around like a ghost which freaks Anna and Spiderman the hell out. The trio keep playing pranks on each other.


What we like about the video is that it’s cute and funny at the same time. Little kids will surely love it.



Watch it here: