Watch: Jon Stewart Mocks Trump’s Executive Orders

The ex Daily Show host reads out a list of President Donald Trump's "future executive orders"


Donald Trump has been President for less than two weeks and he has surpassed all our expectations of being one of most bigoted leaders in the modern world. He has proposed to build a wall on the U.S Mexico border, he has banned Syrian refugees from entering the country indefinitely and he has banned immigrants from six Muslim-majority nations. He even fired the acting Attorney General Sally Q. Yates who refused to defend his executive order closing the nation’s borders to refugees. Dude, you are not on The Apprentice anymore.

Trump has been the subject of ridicule and numerous SNL parody sketches for months now. We think former daily show host Jon Stewart’s savage readout of President Donald Trump’s “future executive orders” on the Stephen Colbert show is the best thing you’ll see on the Internet today. God forbid if Trump is inspired by these. Watch it here: