Watch: Kerala MLA Eats Beef After 19 Years to Protest Against Beef Ban

VT Balram protests against the Centre's decision by eating beef on live video


After the Centre imposed a ban on sale and purchase of cattle for slaughter at animal markets, people all over Kerela have been vehemently opposing the decision. Kerela CM Pinaryari Vijayan called it unconstitutional. The states of Kerala, Bengal and Karnataka have come out in severe opposition to this ruling. Kerala may come out a law that will counter the central government ruling.

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Many beef fests have been organised in Kerala to protest the ban. A Congress MLA in Kerela’s Thrithala constituency, VT Balram who was recently at a Kerala Students’ Union event decided to contribute to the opposition by turning non-vegetarian by eating beef from his friend’s plate. He was vegetarian for the past nineteen years and he decided to go live on Facebook to show his solidarity with the meat-eaters. The video is now going viral all over the internet.

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