Watch: Man Escapes After Being Attacked by Great White Shark

Brian Correiar escaped with minor injuries

Brian Correiar is a California-based diving instructor who is also a certified diver since the last 18 years. He was attacked by a great white shark on Saturday, March 18, 2017 in Monterey, California. Brian was on his kayak when the creature approached him. For about 20 minutes, he was alone till a sailboat happened to pass by. However, they did not have a ladder. They called 911 and the Coast Guard showed up to rescue them. Brian got away with no injuries other than major bruising on his feet from trying to get up into the sailboat.


“People need to be aware that the ocean is a wilderness area, this naturally includes large predators,” said Correiar about his near death experience to National Geographic. “People need to be prepared for the environmental conditions and self-rescue if needed. I had exposure equipment, signalling devices and rescue classes.”


Correiar commented on the Youtube video: “Thank you for calling 911! The Coast Guard told me that your call was the first local report that they received.”

Sharks may seem like the deadliest creatures on the planet but they are not. Since 1958, there has been a total of 2,899 shark attacks with 548 fatalities.

Watch the miraculous escape here: