Watch: Shahid Afridi Doesn’t Know What an LBW Stands For

How did this guy play cricket for over 20 years?

Wikimedia Commons

Shahid Afridi played for 21 years as an all-rounder and was a former captain of the Pakistan national cricket team. But the former cricketer does not what an LBW stands for according to this video.

Afridi was on Faysal Quraishi’s show Salam Zindagi on a Pakistani TV channel. He was asked to guess some words according to gestures while listening to music on a high volume. Two people tried to explain ‘Leg before wicket to him’. Afridi guessed the first two words but couldn’t get the third. After the answer was revealed, he said,“Leg Before Wicket kya hoti hai? Yeh kaun si cricket ki zuban hai?”

Even his Pakistani fans trolled him hard on Twitter.

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However, some say Afridi was just being sarcastic