Wedding Called Off Over Rasgulla in UP

A demand for an extra rasgulla escalated into a huge fight at a wedding

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Indian weddings are a grand affair. The families of the bride and groom make sure there is a lavish feast spread out for their guests over the course of the wedding celebrations. But sometimes it just isn’t enough. One wedding was called off because of a single rasgulla. According to DNA, a marriage was taking place in Kurmapur village near Lucknow. The baraatis had reached the girl’s village and things appeared to be going smoothly. A relative of the bride was supervising the dessert counter and was instructed to hand out only one rasgulla to each guest. A cousin of the groom wasn’t aware of this restriction and he took two. The bride’s relative was infuriated and got into a fight with the groom’s cousin.

Things quickly turned nasty with the groom’s family members beating up the bride’s relative. Reportedly, even the bride’s father was beaten up by the baraatis. The cops were called and they tried to diffuse the situation. The wedding ceremony was expected to be resume. But alas, the bride had been watching the ugly incident unfold from the rooftop and refused. She did not like the way her father was treated. The bride and the groom’s families pleaded with her to continue with the wedding but she refused. The wedding was called off and the bride’s father lodged a complaint at the police station.

This isn’t the first time weddings have been called off over food. One wedding was called of because the groom’s side objected to being served chicken biriyani in Bengaluru. You really can’t make these things up.