Weight Loss Issues? 8 Common Mistakes You Are Making Every Day

Outwit all these and you can be leaner, fitting and slimmer


Have you been dieting, working out and keeping a tab on your calorie count for a while but are still not losing that stubborn weight? Then it’s time to take a look at your daily habits because they might be the hurdles in your weight loss programme. For once, instead of entirely avoiding eating, try to find out what actually makes you gain weight.

You might want a leaner and a slimmer body but you should ideally look out for complete body wellness. Remember that starving yourself increases your cravings and you end up eating more. Without your knowledge, you might be adding calories to your meal that makes it impossible for you to lose weight. One tablespoon of dressing in your favourite chicken salad easily adds up to at least 60 to 80 calories. Love eating your favourite ham sandwich with potato chips? Damn! You are adding almost 180 calories extra to your meal. That one tablespoon of butter on your hot parathas makes them delicious but be ready to add an extra inch to your waistline. This list can go on and on. These little habits sabotage all your efforts to lose those extra inches. Bayside Journal puts together some reasons why you are not losing an inch from your waist; outwit all these and you can be leaner, fitting and slimmer.

1. Time to Change Your Kitchen

The first place to look when you are on a mission to lose weight is your kitchen. We often focus on burning our calories, but have you ever wondered about what you put in your body to recharge it? One should always prepare their diet plan according to their body type and metabolism. Try to stick to organic and whole grain food products.

You don’t have to give up carbohydrates to reduce weight. During lunch consume potatoes, grains, brown rice, chapatis, and so on. However, eat high protein content meal later at night. Opt for veggies, grilled fish or chicken and tofu. Say no to processed food for dinner. Remember what you eat is how your body looks like.

2. You Are Losing Weight but Not Realising It

There are times when you feel that you are losing weight but it doesn’t show up on the weighing scale. Don’t freak out. The scale can show few pounds here and there, and it doesn’t mean you are not losing weight. There is a possibility that you are gaining muscle weight when you are losing fat. In all, losing fat is a good thing. Once a month, measure your waist; keep a tab on your body fat percentage. Try wearing your old clothes and the fit will tell you all that you need to know. You should only worry if it has been 3 weeks and your body weight is still the same.

3. Exercise Can’t Be the Only Tool

If you think exercise will do all the tricks, you need to seriously rethink your strategy. Yes, a workout can help you with weight loss and body fat but it doesn’t burn calories as much as you think. When you work out for an hour, you burn up to 450 to 550 calories approximately. However, you can easily consume hundreds and thousands of calories in just one meal. Consuming a correct diet plan is vital if you want to exercise to work wonders. Cut down on your calories for best results.

4. Skipping a Meal Is Not an Option!

“Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper.” Everyone should follow this proverb religiously.

Studies show that people who skip breakfast weigh more than people who eat it regularly. Often people have the notion that skipping a meal helps you avoid calories, but this notion is a misconception. People who don’t have three proper meals often end up consuming more calories than your body requires.

5. Stress Is Your Enemy

Stress and weight are inter-related. First, for some overthinking and mental stress can result in them eating more than required. Second, exercise can cause physical stress on your body as well. After an exercise routine, give your body time to recover and only then consume food. In this way, you can lose fat. However, when you don’t give your body time to recover from a workout, it usually has a negative impact on your body.

6. Stay Hydrated for Weight Loss

You might think that you are drinking enough water, but in reality, you aren’t. Eating water-based fruits and vegetables fills you faster; as a result, you end up eating less.

Many studies also claim that drinking water at regular intervals is connected with weight loss, because then your craving for food is less. It also increases your metabolism and reduces your longing for aerated drinks. Now you just have more reason to stay hydrated!

7. Your Meal Lacks Protein

Protein plays the major role in any weight loss programme. Compile a meal plan that consists of 30 to 40% protein content and it fills you up easily. This also makes you consume lesser calories every day. Start your day with a protein-heavy breakfast; it makes you less hungry and you eat things in smaller portions.

8. Drinking Liquids Is Not Always the Right Thing 

It is good to go on a liquid diet but it is also important to realise that not all kinds of liquids help in reducing weight. Follow a simple mantra: “Drink veggies and eat fruits.”

However, most of the times we follow just the opposite. When we drink fruit juice, we directly consume glucose and fructose, increasing your calorie count. However, drinking your veggies is a wise choice; it’s filling and delicious in the form of smoothies. They are also low in calorie content. This is a win-win situation for those on a mission to lose weight.