Weikfield Chocolate Pasta: The Most Terrible Marketing Decision Ever Made

What next? Chocolate rice?

Scene at Weikfield board meeting:

CEO: We need a new, trendy product.

Accounts: Something cheap with high margins.

Marketing: Okay, how about something to do with pasta?

CEO: Pasta is too common; we have red sauce, white sauce, and even masala.

Marketing: How about umm… chocolate pasta?

CEO: What?

Marketing: Everybody loves chocolate, and pasta is trendy. Just combine the two!

Accounts: Maida and sugar are super cheap ingredients. Our profit margins will go through the roof!

CEO: I approve!

Selling off old stock with that offer, eh?

This is what I imagine led to the creation of Weikfield’s hideous new pasta product, Chocolate Pasta. Chocolate pizza, fine, it’s like bread and chocolate – but pasta? What next, chocolate rice? Didn’t you learn from Pilsbury’s ridiculous chocolate idli? And if you are marketing it as ‘sporty energy’, you have clearly have no clue as to what pre-workout nutrition really is.


Now, there would be no point of writing this if I didn’t take up the challenge of actually eating it. The taste was exactly as I expected – awful. Imagine having boiled pasta with substandard chocolate spread, diluted with milk. Doesn’t that make you want to throw up already? Try it, and you certainly will.

Sickly sweet recipe for obesity


Try it at the risk of a diabetic coma.