Weird People That Will Make You Go… Whaaat?!


We all know that one person who is a bit odd, weird even. It’s the things they do, their mannerisms which make them seem strange and unforgettable. Redditors list out the weirdest people they’ve met. Your weird uncle who sings bhajans clutching a can of beer just seems normal compared to these people.

1. The Spy

In college, we knew a kid who painted his dorm window black except for two slots for binoculars, and would spy on people in the courtyard below. He wore the same outfit daily. He looked like Jesus. [tapehead4]

2. Zion

Zion was quite the legend at our school. He was convinced he was born in the 60’s was about 4’10 had long long hair and walked around playing a guitar no matter where he was. One day he decided to legalise prostitution for people under the age of eighteen. He needed 10000 signatures. He got one. It was from his mom. [mau5head15]

3. The Archangel Michael

The Archangel Michael. – I was at a house party in York, England. My housemate had just returned from a Buddhist monastery up in Scotland and he had brought a new friend back with him.

When visiting the monastery there was the option to sleep inside or to camp. My housemate had chosen the option to camp and only one other person had also made this choice, the archangel Michael.

This guy carried a giant conch shell around his neck 24/7 which he said gave him the power to walk through wooden doors but only when no one else was around. He told me that the conch shell was a gift from god and represented the burden of being an angel given flesh… I guess he was pretty weird. [MerlinTrismegistus]

4. The Prodigy

I knew a kid that went by “Prodigy” who wore a trench coat, a Naruto head band, and told people he “hacked the FBI with Linux.” [ranchochupacabrash]

5. Pimple!

As a 16 year old exchange student in Japan, I was in a store browsing when a middle aged Japanese man walked up to me, pointed at my face and excitedly exclaimed “Pimple! Pimple!” before walking away. [OptomisticOcelot]

6. Ate a Can

Dude on my bus in middle school once ate an entire aluminum soda can. No one was daring him to or anything, he just wanted to. [lavafisherman]

7. The Quitter

When I was 20, I used to work on a farm. One time, I forgot my cigarettes at home, so I asked this guy (about my age) if he could give me one of his. To be clear: this guy always seemed a bit strange, walking around whispering to himself. He said: “I don’t have any on me right now. But I need to buy a pack anyway.” So he bought a pack, gave me a cigarette, then he buried the pack in the field and ran over it with a tractor. Like, at least ten times. It took him almost 30 minutes (this was an old tractor). When I asked him why he did that, he said: “I forgot I quit smoking.” A few weeks later, he was fired, because the boss caught him f**king a pumpkin. [Skidmark666]

8. Poo Da Vinci

I knew a kid in middle school that would draw pictures with his bloody poop all over the bathroom walls. They had to take off the front doors to the bathrooms and told parents kids were smoking… they told parents 7th graders were smoking because that was better than the truth.

Last I heard he had won a bunch of painting competitions and was actually quite brilliant at it. I guess he was just a tortured artist at heart. [drunkenbusiness]

9. I Hate Clothes

Dan. He was weird. We were friends at school, but never hung out too much outside. We had to work on a report together in like the 6th or 7th grade. I went to his house. Opens the door…buck naked. Nothing on but a smile. We go in the kitchen, his mom is making dinner. Sister’s doing homework. Dressed and normal as can be. Not Danny. He’s naked and nobody is giving a f*ck about it. He just told me he hated clothes and never wore them around the house. Not a nudist. Just hated clothes. Soooo strange. [HuckleberryFynn]

10. The Wizard

In my first year of College (UK) studying nursing I was the top male in the year. Admitted, there was only one other male (there were 2 classes he was in the other one). He believed with every fibre of his being, that he was a wizard. He was an adult in his 20’s. I had a few friends in his class who would tell me stories about him. Some highlights were that he was infatuated with a girl in the class and would talk openly about how he planned to ‘swoon’ her, and even made love potions for her that he would try and get her to drink. He also told the class he would be missing the lessons after lunch one day because he had ‘magical matters’ to attend to, nobody asked what these were apparently, they just let it roll. As well as this he refused to study some subjects like anatomy (keep in mind this is nursing we are studying) as the books lied. Oh, and he once challenged another student from a completely different course to a duel for some slight this guy had apparently done to the ‘Wizard’. My friend thought it was something to do with the girl he was obsessed with. [bennett93ish]


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