What Are Some of the Best Ways To Preserve Wine

A wine needs the lowest temperature to remain fresh for a longer time

With the increasing popularity of wine, more people are becoming amateur wine collectors. The more you collect, the more you need to be careful about how to store it properly. When we talk about wine stores, the very first thing come into view is a wine cellar, however, it could be out of the question for many people, although it is the perfect way to store wine. On the other hand, as you build up the collection there are few tips that can actually help storing wine and maintain its superb flavor with out wine cellar.

The very first thing is to consider the kind of wine you need to store. Sparkling wine, for instance, is the most susceptible to change when uncovered to sun and light. It is fine to maintain the wine bottle of sparkling wine out for some days, till it remained corked. If you are planning to wait few days before serving it, then better store these sparkling wines into a variety of refrigerator. Remember, white wine is another more susceptible to changes from light or sun heat, so white wine must be stocked up either in a closed cool cupboard or in the refrigerator. If you have fresh and good wines it is significant not to serve them at too chill of the temperature as this could actually spoil the flavor. The most favored temperature for severing white and sparkling varieties is 45° F. If you wish to store wine variety such as Merlots or Zinfandels in the refrigerator, it must be given a day for warm up to room temperature just before serving.


Most of you may know that it is a common rule of not serving red wine chilled if wants to maintain the flavor. In case you intend to store wine in small wine rack, then store sparkling ones on the lowest rack then while ones and red ones above the white. This advice for storing wines is due to the fact that heat rises. Thus a wine needs the lowest temperature to remain fresh longer. If you select to store wine in a cabinet, there must be a good amount of air flow, since this could further stop mold from shaping, particularly on red wines. Be careful of old woods, which could cause the cap to rot. Any possible closet must as well cleared, and not smell stale or shows dry decay. Most wine fans also suggest that one store wine on its side wise, other than standing position. This maintains the wine in contact with the cap that stops air from getting into wine.

Finally, one must never store wine along with other foods, which are able of fermenting. Fruit, green vegetables and cheese, which rot near a wine, could, in fact, cause the wine to start to die too, and these rotten flavors might enter the wine all the way through the cork.


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