What Are The Advantages of Arranged Marriage Over Love Marriage

Arranged marriages are all about thrill and excitement


Marriages in India are supposed to be the most sacred and the auspicious occasion celebrated with a lot of pomp and gaiety. It is the occasion, in which all the family members of the house, enjoy together and be a part of each other’s happiness. The concept, that the feeling of happiness gets doubled, when one is surrounded by his close relatives and friends, can truly be witnessed during the time of Indian marriages. The factor that true contentment is in the well being and happiness of the close ones, somewhere feels to be exactly right in the case of Indian marriages. Marriages can be classified into love or arranged marriages, on the basis of the bond shared between the bride and the groom.

Traditionally marriages in India have always come under the category of arranged marriages, but with the advancement in times and people adopting the western culture, a number of love marriages can be seen happening in the country. It is not that, people did not use to fall in love in the earlier times, but what has changed is the environment, and the perception of people, in which people have started understanding the bond of love and has thereby started accepting their love relations and giving them permissions to turn that into a life long bond called marriage.

Today, the popularity of love marriage has increased so much, that the culture of arranged marriage is somewhere fading away. Most of the youngsters have doubts in their mind, related to arrange marriages, which they take it as a risk of marrying an unknown person. According to them, the level of understanding and care should be there in the marriage, from the very starting, which helps in the smooth movement of the bride and groom in the journey of their married life. In fact the concept of arranged marriages is only prevalent in India, where the bride and groom, from different families and even different parts of the country, are made to bond with each other in the bond of marriage.

Though it’s true, that marriage is a long relation, therefore should be based on the credentials of love, trust and respect, but in case of arranged marriages, same three elements can be gained after the bride and groom get to know each other. One cannot call the concept of arranged marriages as a risk taking bond, because no one knows, what is going to happen next, even the loved one in case of love marriage can betray the partner or turn disloyal to him or her. Some of the advantages of arranged marriages over love marriages are:

v     In case of love marriage, the bride and the groom already know each other, and they are no more left with the interest or curiosity of knowing each other. Whereas in case of arranged marriages, the first few years are spent to know and understand each others likes and dislikes.

v     The thrill and excitement of knowing each other, always keeps the couple motivated and positive towards each other.

v     In case of love marriages, there are a lot of expectations from the life partner, which when left unfulfilled, leads to fights and misunderstandings. Whereas, in case of love marriages, even a small deed of care and forgiveness, leads to the strengthening of the marriage as a bond

v     In arranged marriages, the feeling of adjustment and compromise is more as compared to the love marriages, because in the earlier case, the bride and the groom are always in a situation to compromise and then even give the best output of all.

Though, it depends on the perception and the mindset of the individual, as in what suits him well and what are his priorities. The environment and the family culture also matters a lot, as in what type of marriage a person is going for. Also, the thrill and excitement in case of arranged marriage is much more, as compared to the love marriage, because one needs to work on knowing the person, from the very starting of the marriage, to make the marriage a comfortable journey to walk in.

Source by Gurleen Kaur