What Can You Do About Your Unhappy Relationship?

Too many times relationships become unhappy or unbearable for some

Too many times relationships become unhappy or unbearable for some. Sometimes it seems too hard to leave because you feel you have a commitment to fulfill, it could be because of family. This decision is not always good because it means you must remain in a situation that may not be good for you.

You may find yourself making up excuses for why you must stay in this relationship. If your are so unhappy why do you stay? There are three choices you have to get through this. The first is to do nothing at all. Go on being miserable in your life by staying until it gets worse and worse. Why do this? It’s because it is the easiest thing to do, no effort is required.

Another option to try is to fix things so you are no longer in a bad relationship. This will take commitment from both you and your partner to make it work. Only one of you trying to fix things will lead to more failure and misery. The good thing about going this route is that it may lead to a much better relationship that will last because both you worked hard to make it better.

Your last choice is to leave. This can be very difficult to do because you may find yourself making excuses to stay and you will be stuck in a viscous cycle. Actually ending your relationship may have to happen before you are truly happy. You need to overcome your apprehension and make that first step towards whichever scenario you want to take.

Being depressed, fighting and not to mention your friends and family being affected will continue until you make your decision. If you think a therapist might help that would be a good thing to go for. They are trained to help people get past the bad times in their lives.

Source by Makoo L.