What Do People Steal from Hotel Rooms

All of us do it. And we do it whenever we get a chance. We justify it by telling ourselves, “There’s no shame in it, everyone does it, why shouldn’t I?” Some of us never get caught doing it. Others are not so lucky. The worst thing that happens is that we are asked to return it. Rarely, if ever, we are hauled in front of the cops. And they usually ask us to return it. That’s right, we are talking about stealing from hotel rooms. What did you think?

Stealing from a hotel room happens from out gut. It just does. Small bottles of shampoo? Yes. Bathroom slippers? Yes. Toothbrushes? Yes. Gels, razors, bathrobes, pens, stationery, lampshades, paintings…. YES! YES! YES! OVERLOAD!

We are not going to tell you why we do it. That’s something that your neighbourhood psychologist can tell you. Clearly, it’s not because we need the supplies for our home and we can’t buy it. Someone who can afford the hotel room can easily afford to pay for a shampoo or a toothbrush.

We spoke to 200 people across Mumbai and the responses we got varied from the sublime to the ridiculous. “I am entitled to it,” says a sales executive who works for an MNC. “We pay them so much, and they expect us to take them,” says a globe-trotting travel journalist. “Kleptomania takes over when I am in a fancy hotel,” says an anonymous reply via email.

So, what do people steal from hotel rooms? 97 percent of women steal shower gels, body washes and shampoos while 44 percent of men go for toothbrushes and razor-blades. For a list of more items stolen, check the infographic above.

Also on the wishlist are mattresses, furniture, curtains, and hold your breath ‘shower panels’. Yeah, people want to steal everything they can get their hands on.

Even if you get caught with some items the hotels don’t do anything much. The most they do is ask you to return the items. Ultimately, it all comes down to your moral compass. And as we all know, the moral compass is a very funny thing.