What Do You Regret Not Doing in High School? Reddit Speaks Up!

Asking out girls and standing up to bullies— these people wish that they didn’t let their fear and insecurity get the better of them

When you look back at life, there are always things you regret not doing, even more so in high school; the formative years of your life. Redditors list out the things they regret not doing the most in high school.

1. A New Friend Circle

Changing friend groups earlier. Randomly last semester of senior year I just started spending time with new people and it significantly improved my life, I wish I just took the plunge earlier. [FeelNFine]

2. Stand Up for the ‘Nerds’

Some jerks nominated me for homecoming queen as a joke (you could clearly hear them snickering as they said my name) and I declined. I wish I could go back and accept it. I could be the homecoming queen for the nerds and everyone who ever got nominated as a joke. [Yotsubauniverse]

3. Be a Rebel

I never had a “teenage rebellion” phase. I find myself kinda wishing that I had taken risks and tried to have fun while I still had the protection and forgiveness that comes from being a kid. Now, I have much fewer experiences than my peers… [sorcerers_apprentice]

4. Worrying What People Think

I regret spending so much time worrying about what people thought of me. This caused me to be very cautious and risk averse.

Turns out, none of it mattered. I could have dated / learned / experienced so much more.

High schoolers – ask out that person, join that club, take that class, do that activity that you’ve been daydreaming about. [NotCleverNamesTaken]

5. Not Asking Her Out

I regret my fear.

There was a girl I had been friends with for so many years, we spent basically all day every day talking and flirting and hanging out. When the time came for prom, I got scared that she didn’t like me, and I never asked her out.

The week after, she literally came up to me and was like, “why didn’t you ask me out idiot, I would have said yes.” []DinoConV]

6. Stood Up To Bullying

I wish I had stood up more for the kids who were being bullied for no reason. [A_HELPFUL_POTATO]

7. What If…

Asking out a girl I was probably in love with because I was too shy. We both had the same interests, had been friends since elementary school, and we could talk for hours about everything and nothing. The worst part was I found out my senior year that she also had a crush on me through her entire sophomore year but by then she had a long-term boyfriend. In hindsight, she was dropping a ton of pretty obvious signs. I have a girl now, and she’s has a different boyfriend, so everything turned out fine in the end, but there is still that “what-if?” [Aedipus]

8. Wish I Had Paid More Attention in Class

Paying attention. Especially in Science classes. Chemistry was and is a foreign language to me. I am also shocked that I made it through Algebra considering I struggled with Math in middle school. Pay attention in class kids, don’t let your mind wander to imagining what you would do if there was a school shooter or how to seduce your hot AF teacher. [CMP44BB]

9. Going to Public School

I was homeschooled from birth through highschool. College was the first actual school I went to. I wound up with extreme anxiety and could not handle it. I never had a classroom full of people or a teacher. I never had legit homework with deadlines. I was so unprepared. I basically had to relearn how to learn. It f’d me up for a bit. I still have major social anxiety and am still learning things at age 30 that I never learned being so sheltered. [zombie_bear]

10. Wish I Had been More Social

I was “too cool for school” and never went to my prom, never went to any sporting events or pep rallies, never joined any clubs.

Don’t be like that, kids. Socialization is important. Being part of society is important. Even if you don’t like the events, you might like the people. Don’t assume that the jocks are a**holes, or the cheerleaders are bitches, or the rich kids are snobs. [8337]

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