What Is Stopping A Woman From Regaining Her Libido

Tips on how to increase a woman's libido


One of the best ways to learn how to increase libido women is to determine what the cause is for the loss of sex drive. There are many possible causes that can affect sex drive in women. You can’t increase sex drive until you know whether the cause is medical or emotional.

Consulting a doctor is the best way to rule out any medical conditions that can lead to diminished sex drive. If the cause is determined to be medications that the woman is taking, the doctor may be able to prescribe alternative medications that will not have the same side effects, and this alone can increase libido in some women.

Women who are happy in their home life tend to have higher sex drives. Men, if you want your wife to have an increase in her sexual desire for you, it would be best to do everything that you can to make her happy. Helping out with childcare and with household chores will lead to an increased sex drive in your woman because she will be a lot less tired. How many times has your wife or girlfriend said that they were too tired to have sex? Help out around the house more to eliminate this possibility.

If you’ve been with your woman for a long time, you might just be in a rut. Is your sex life predictable? Do you always start out and end the same way? Maybe it is time to shake things up a bit. Remember back when you were first dating and sex was exciting? You need to figure out how to make things exciting again.

Try a little romance. Set the mood by lighting candles and putting on sensual music. Approach your woman while she is still wearing her clothes and practice the art of seduction. Kiss her neck and slowly unbutton her blouse as opposed to simply grabbing or pawing at her. Remember to be romantic, that’s how to increase libido women.

Add some spice to your life to increase libido women. There are products made just for you and they are made to work. Men, do not be ashamed to buy your wife or girlfriend a female sexual enhancement product if that’s what she needs. But, make sure you ask her first.

Source by Angie Hairston