What Is The Concept of Physical Intercourse In Ayurveda?

Physical intercourse is important for mankind's existence


Ayurveda believes that sex is a natural biological drive and to deprive oneself out of it may throw him/her out of balance. We are all aware that food and water are the basic requirements to exist in this world, in the same manner, everyone needs sex.

Sexual intercourse involves all the five senses sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch and it is believed to be an elaborate process of mutual stimulation gifted to mankind by Nature. It views lovemaking as a union of body, mind, and soul which is a more fulfilling experience and it also acts as an emotional bond between husband and wife.

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According to Ayurveda, intercourse is the divine process and enjoying it in a relaxed manner leads to a healthy offspring. Pure body and a calm mind is a must for an effective intercourse. Parents mental state during the intercourse plays a great role in the overall health of the offspring and Ayurveda advises one to undergo a purification therapy that flushes out the doshic imbalance, thereby resulting in a better sex life.

Kapha, one of the tridohas is responsible for keeping up the sexual vigor. Rasa and Shukra are among the seven tissues that help in sexual feelings. Doshic state of parents at the time of conception to influences the child.


By taking some aphrodisiac before entering into a sexual intercourse, the quality and quantity of the semen are promoted and the sexual enjoyment is enhanced. Shukra Shambhala is the ayurvedic drugs that are used to increase the span of lovemaking.

The reproductive tissues are the essence of all dhatus ( tissue elements) which has the power to create life. Sexual intercourse is believed by Ayurveda to create a new life and bring back youthfulness to the couples. It emphasizes that during intercourse, the couple’s attention should be focused on the breathing, mind and the semen through which all the three levels of human being viz physical, mental and emotional are being acted upon and intercourse becomes a love meditation.













Ayurveda, an age-old tradition of Indian medical system, emphasize sex to be an integral part of our daily life (din Acharya) and the satisfaction one derives out of it, is being spilled over his other areas of life. It points out the factors influencing the sexual intercourse as below:

a) Both the partners should have a strong feeling that they need each other physically, emotionally and spiritually at the time of intercourse.

b) Men are to approach his women with calm, cool, collected disposition and in an unfrustrated manner so that her mood too is set up and a conducive atmosphere for an effective lovemaking is created.

c) Their mental and physical health should be robust in order to have a maximum enjoyment during intercourse.


d) Take care that the atmosphere is beautiful, clean, peaceful which reduces the sense organs. Also bathing before coitus/burning incense sticks/using scents rouses one’s mood.

e) Best time suitable for intercourse is midnight or after 2 hours having dinner, as it considered as the best time for intimacy (Kapha time).

f) A total involvement and enjoyment in a foreplay before sexual intercourse, by involving the five senses (touch, smell, see, hear etc.,) increases the intimacy and a prolonged lovemaking.


g) Each couple’s requirement for sex varies depending upon their body constitution and seasons. It is believed that Kapha types have more sexual intercourse than the other two types viz Pitta and Vata.

h) Bad mood, stressed mind, anxiety, low self-esteem, feeling bad of oneself, fear of not able to perform well or not able to satisfy the partner are the other factors affecting the coitus.

i) Take care to solve any misunderstanding with your partner, resolve any anger against one another and try to improve communicating with each other what exactly one enjoys from other.


j) Partners should refrain themselves from intercourse during menses, pregnancy, illness or after a heavy meal.

Source by Rajesh Nair