What Is The Fastest Way To Get Pregnant

Enjoy the sex to be a mother soon

You may be surprised to know but this question gets asked frequently. Many women ask this question in part because they have had challenges in the past and are looking for ways to get pregnant as soon as possible.

It does not take a rocket scientist to know, that generally speaking, you have to have sex to get pregnant. The question is more about, when is the best time? The answer to this question revolves around ovulation. When ovulation is in a process that is the time intercourse is required in order to get pregnant.

As you may or may not know there are many methods to help you get pregnant most of which are reliable, but you must also understand that there are variables. In other words, no one solution will work for every couple.

That is why you will need to incorporate multiple techniques in order to help you get pregnant faster. Let’s begin with ovulation. If you are having difficulty pinpointing when you are ovulating there are various devices that you can purchase at your local drug store. These will help determine when ovulation is taking place, one example is an ovulation kit.

If you have a question in terms of fertility you can also buy a device that will help measure your level of fertility. There are many choices relative to these devices but what you can do is speak with the pharmacist or read the boxes carefully to see which product will suit you best.

In addition to these tools, you can actually monitor physical changes taking place within your own body. For example, your vaginal discharge will change in and around the time of ovulation.

As a woman every month your body will prepare for you to get pregnant and as a result, certain changes take place around this period.

For example, your mucus discharge can be thick and pasty, but then it can become slippery and tend to stretch. In order to test this, you will need to take a sample. If the mucus sample stretches between two objects such as your fingers then this is a sign that you are approaching ovulation. To give a visual representation it can almost look like raw egg white.

The next thing you will need to monitor is your basal body temperature, to do this you will need to take your temperature every morning and chart this information. If you see an increase in temperature by around 4. degrees Fahrenheit, then you are in the zone.

By the way, some women may actually see a drop in temperature, if this is the case for you, then it is time to have sex, as I mentioned earlier there are always exceptions to the rule.

By the way, try and take your temperature consistently in the morning before you do anything else. Do this at around the same time every day or at least within an hour of the time you take it every day.

Of course, you will keep a chart of this data. In terms of intercourse, it is always safe to have sex multiple times a week as this gives you a better chance of getting pregnant faster.

Sperm can survive for up to seven days at most, in general, because think three or four days. Frequent sex in around the time of ovulation will boost your chances of getting pregnant faster.

In term of sexual positions, it is said that missionary is best. This can allow for defect penetration, it is also worth knowing that climax for both of you is very important as this can actually increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Last but nonetheless least your health, do not smoke or drink, exercise, do some deep breathing, eat healthily and get some rest. You need to have at least five hours of rest before measuring your basal body temperature in the morning. Then, of course, enjoy the sex and spice it up so both of you can really enjoy it.

Source by Robert Nelsons