What is the future for ABAPers?


Prior to global recession

A client is looking for the following positions:

  1. ABAPer with experience in Reports, Scripts and BDCs
  2. WebDynpro for ABAP consultant
  3. Adobe Forms consultant
  4. Enterprise Portal consultant
  5. WebDynpro for Java consultant

After the global recession

A client is looking for the following positions:

  1. Technical consultant with experience in ABAP, Adobe Forms and WebDynpro for ABAP
  2. EP consultant with experience in WebDynpro for Java. Adobe Flex would be an added advantange.

The above scenario is not particular to any single client or a customer. The global recession has hit each and everyone forcing everyone to look for the savings. Earlier the clients used to accommodate various consultants for each specific skillset. Now the situation has been changed and only the consultants with multiple skills can survive.



What is the next steps for plain ABAPers:

All plain ABAPers might have been realized by now that the market is tough for them. They need to gear up atleast now to survive. So what are the skill sets they should acquire?

Earlier an ABAPer means a consultant with knowledge in Reports, scripts and BDC. Now the skills like ALE, iDocs, Smart forms are also assumed to be known by a plain ABAPer.

Any technical consultant can be competent enough with the above skills and with at least one of the following:

  1. Web Dynpro for ABAP / BSP
  2. Adobe Forms
  3. Web Dynpro for Java
  4. SAP Business Workflow
  5. Enhancements (including BTEs and Enhancement points)

Apart from being just technical, the consultant would be capable enough in understanding the business scenarios. The consultant should be speak business language instead of technical.

Is it difficult to acquire new skills:

The problem with many of the consultants is they expect the classroom training to be arranged by their managers. Please make the classroom training as the last option. Now there are tutorials and guides available on various topics in various websites.

The consultants can visit any of the following sites to understand and practice the new scenarios:

  1. SDN.SAP.COM (This covers the topics at a high level. This enables to understand the topics)
  2. SAPTechnical.COM (This is my favorite site as it contains the step-by-step tutorials to many advance topics with screenshots)
  3. SAPFunctional.COM (This helps in understanding the SAP Business scenarios, functional side)

I wish all the best for all the SAP Consultants worldwide.

Source by Ramya