What It Feels Like To Be An Alcoholic

Alcoholism Physical Symptoms

What does it feel like to be an alcoholic? That is probably not a question that you ask yourself every day and it is not something that is easily answered and it might not be a question you want an answer to. A major of us are completely unaware of what it physically feels like to be an alcoholic and I’m not talking about the mental aspect of it. Physically alcoholics deal with more problems than we could ever begin to image. Let’s say you’re an alcoholic, here is what you might be going through.

In the early stages of alcoholism, you may find yourself experiencing a lot of feeling of euphoria. You might find that alcohol gives you more self confidence and can put you in a better mood. This is usually the reason why some people begin drinking. Alcohol is what you could call “liquid courage”. However after drinking for some time, you might find that your attention span has shortened and that your jurisdiction might not be as good as they use to be.

As you move through the stages and become more and more dependent on alcohol you will start to crave more alcohol. You might become physically dependent on alcohol and may not be able to function without. As you continue to drink, you are throwing off your brain’s chemistry. The alcohol acts as a sedative to your brain and to counteract that your brain works in overtime to produce stimulants to keep everything working. Due to this, you might find yourself losing consciousness.

Your liver will also suffer as you drink. You could experience liver infection which includes symptoms such as yellowing of the skin, or jaundice, fever, and abdominal pain. Drinking while having liver problems can lead to Cirrhosis of the liver which is when your good liver tissue is replaced by scar tissue.

Malnutrition is another symptom of alcoholism. Alcoholics do not eat well, and some even chose to drink their dinner. Some of the symptoms you could expect to experience if you suffer from malnutrition are dizziness, tiredness, and weight loss.

You may also experience high blood pressure and along with that comes dizziness, blurred vision and headaches. This is because excess alcohol take can raise the levels of triglycerides in your blood. This also raises your risk of a stroke or a heart attack.

Other symptoms you may experience are pancreitis, nerve damage, depression, erectile dysfunction in men and insomnia. This last symptom might surprise many of you. It is a common misconception that alcohol can put you to sleep. While it may help some people relax enough to fall sleep it has been shown that alcohol interferes with you getting a deep and restful REM (rapid eye movement) sleep.

As you can see becoming addicted to alcohol brings more on than just a good buzz. Some of these symptoms if not treated can lead to permanent damage that sometimes might result in death.

Source by Jeff Stevens