What the west wants in Middle East?


The oil rich region is the golden sparrow for the west. The conscience of the western entrepreneurs slept when they wage a war against Iraq only to occupy the oil resources. They did not think of the catastrophe fell on the people of the region but fell out over dividing the oil wells of the region especially Iraq. Now when they have occupied the territory in person they want to extend their rule and influence towards the region. Their presence in the region would be acceptable only if they have some ‘peacekeeping’ task. As peace was returning to Iraq they came out to find other regions for their presence.  They supported the opposition elements and incited a war against the rulers in the name of democracy. People of the countries are rising against the government whose leaders were backed by the west. Egypt is the most evident in this regard. Tunisia was also one of the allied nations of the west. Libya has yielded to the USA when Qaddafi became a cast’s paw and provided the proofs against Dr. Qadir of Pakistan. What did Qaddafi have in return? Upheaval and turmoil and consequently western forces are cordoning off his country. Saudis fear revolt. Bahrain is under siege of rebels. The rulers United Arab Emirates are also conscious of their rule in the states. Yemen was attacked for hunting al-Qaida but now the public is demanding change. Whatever the state is the affiliations are with the west and America.  That is why it is very easy to put forward a theory that the presence of the west is the cause of all the trouble. And presence is not for the prosperity of the Arabs but for the black gold. The region would go a big change and like many countries of the east it would conclude in the end that it had made wrong decision to depend upon the west. The time would soon come when the people of the Middle East would realize their haste and mistake.  “In fact arabs have a national dream that has been buried under the ground of Mubarak’s real politics. Egyptians revolt against their ruler to restore their dignity, honor, and standing that have been wallowed in the mud shame, humiliation, and injustice. It is a revolt against subjugation, injustice, US imperialism, and Israeli arrogance. It is can be viewed as a Political cupping fire or detoxification process.” The master of the situation is trying to cash the same movements by blackmailing its affiliates in the region.