What to Gift a Stressed Out Girlfriend

How to try and put their mind at ease

There is no doubt that each and every one of us could without too much thinking come up with a few people we know who could do with lowering their stress levels. With money an issue in many households and jobs thin on the ground in most sectors, stress is probably higher in general in the UK than it has been in a long time.

With this is mind here are a few suggestions of things you could give someone that would help them be less stressed. You might want to give something to a friend or relative who would like to see a bit happier, or maybe anonymously to a colleague or even your boss who you think would really benefit from taking a load off and switching off from the world for a while.

So what should you give them?

Relaxation CD

A CD of relaxing music or soothing sounds is an excellent way to calm a tired mind. Sound travels into our minds more easily than reading books or watching programs and can have a substantial effect on how we feel immediately. Whoever you give this to will hopefully put this on while they have a hot bath or maybe in a quiet room on their own and allow themselves to relax their body, allowing the sound to flow through them and calm them overall.

Aromatherapy Candles

Another great gift is aromatherapy candles. Men may find it hard to hand a lovely big pink candle to their boss and say “You’re too stressed sweetheart, put this on”, but if you can find a more humble way to do this then just make a big difference To their stress levels and their overall health. Stress can have a knock on effect for blood pressure and physical stress on the heart so you really are doing them a favor. Aromatherapy candles, much in the same way a relaxation CD will offer a stimulator that encourages your mind and body to be calm which helps with stress levels.

Chakra Jewelry

Some people find that the natural power emanating from certain gemstones can help the body to reach a balanced state. Chakra jewelry is not only a great gift for how it looks, it can also be used as a way of targeting the 7 main areas of the body with the resonation of each particular gemstones energy.

Source by Sam Qam