What Type of a Vacationer Are You?

Not all vacationers are alike. Which one are you?

Everyone’s expectations out of a vacation are different. Luckily enough, the world has sufficient places to cater to everyone’s needs. Some prefer a holiday packed with activities, while others like a quiet cottage in the woods with a good book for company. It is important that your travel companion’s interests match with yours, otherwise one of you will be compromising on your ideal vacation.

Here’s taking a look at the different types of vacationers out there. The two broad categories are travellers and tourists, but these can be subdivided into many more. Everyone falls into at least one of these categories. So which one are you?

The Planner

The planner has an itinerary, and he/she sticks by it. Every detail is chalked out, and there’s very little scope for spontaneity. Every museum, every lake, every restaurant, and every tour has been pre-booked, tickets for which will have been neatly placed in a folder that goes with them everywhere. Not exactly the best travel companion if you’re a free spirit. On the other hand, they are very reliable because they will research everything about the place before they visit it, and do most of the work for you.

The Road Tripper

One road trip in life is a must. The road tripper would much rather drive to a new destination than fly or take a train. The whole vacation is basically a long drive. You have the freedom to do what you want, whenever you want it. You don’t stick by any timing, and take as many stopovers as you like. The best part is that you get to explore a place in its utmost detail. This type of vacationer usually always has great playlists ready for every day of the trip. After all, what’s a great road trip without the tunes? If you pick the right group of friends to travel with, road trips can make for some of the best memories.

The Trekker

If you find yourself opting for the hills and mountains, you probably fall into this category. The trekker is the ultimate nature lover. All they need are strong trekking shoes, a tent, and a well-equipped backpack. These vacationers like to explore all kinds of terrain.

The Compulsive Shopper

The sole goal of the compulsive shopper is to buy the fall collection from every country. Such vacationers pack light, but return with their bags overweight. They have no time to waste, because every mall must be visited, and they know exactly where to find a certain shop. The shopaholic always has his/her wallet handy. The prime destinations for this category of travellers are Dubai and Bangkok. When they’re not shopping, they’re probably clubbing.

The Adventure Junkie

The adventure traveller is the thrill-seeker who craves the rush of adrenaline. Most of their vacations are goal-oriented, and they usually aim at ticking items off their bucket list. This can include a scuba diving trip to the Maldives, bungee jumping in New Zealand, or cliff diving in Mexico. They just need to feel adrenalised.

The Native Traveller

These are the culture vultures. The native traveller is usually an explorer with a curious personality. If they visit a place, they want to do everything the way the locals do. They stay like the locals, they eat with the locals, and they listen to local music. If a country is known for its architecture, they want to visit every building. They want a wholesome experience of the native land they are visiting. After all, when in Rome, do as the Romans do.

The Beach Bum

The beach bums are the true relaxers. Tiring tours and visits to museums won’t work for them. An ideal vacation would include waking up late, eating a tropical breakfast, and hitting the beach. With a towel, a sun block, and a piña colada in hand, they’re good to go.