What You Should Never Do in a Nudist Colony

Nudists describe the dos and don'ts of their frequently misunderstood culture

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Nudists live by a stringent set of rules, unlike the carefree, promiscuous way they are portrayed in popular culture. Nudist colonies are many-a-times a family-friendly affair, unwelcome sexual advances are not tolerated and the nudist culture is more about freedom and acceptance rather than titillation. Nudists of Reddit tell us the  dos and don’ts of their culture.

1. Protect Kids from Your Junk

My parents were nudists when my sister and I were little, so by default, we were too. The only unspoken rule I ever noted was when children were little enough to be d*ck height, you knelt, or placed a towel in front of your junk. It always seemed more ‘I don’t want a kid to mash me on the d*ck with their face accidentally’ as opposed to ‘don’t show my kid your d*ck!’ It was fun growing up like that. [TheBatchLord]

2. Family Friendly 

Had a former co-worker who frequently spent his weekends at a nudist camp. I was shocked to hear that he took his children. I said, “I can’t believe they allow children there!” He responded, “I would never go to a nudist camp that wasn’t family friendly. Being nude is not about sex, it’s about not wearing clothes. If kids aren’t allowed, then that clearly isn’t the case.” [sciko67]

3. Sit on a Towel

Don’t sit on anything other than your towel. No one likes a*s sweat

Most are completely non sexual. You wouldn’t do anything there that you wouldn’t do with clothes on. [Ft_Worth_Swingers[

4. No Pictures Without Permission and No Ogling

Taking pictures (without permission). Same can be said for ogling (especially if you’re the ogler with clothes on).

I regularly frequent nudist gatherings in town and when cameras come out, it doesn’t take long for the mob of angry nudists to put that activity to rest real quick. I’ve also seen people chased off for getting a full eyeful while wearing clothes while the object of their attention is most definitely not.

That said, there is a caveat to note here: if the camera is pointed at a model off in the corner, with no other people in view, it’s totally fine. It comes down to consent and reasonable expectation of privacy. [TalontheKiller]

5. No Contempt

Apparently you should never call it a “nudist colony”; that’s considered pejorative.

Also, some nudist communities have non-nudists move in because they inherit the property or something, and the nudists get really pissed off at the fact that people wear clothes to board meetings and such. “It’s not clothing optional, it’s nudist!” [neitherjefnorjon]

6. Duh…

No pointing and laughing. [CrazyOtto87]

7. Just the Right Amount of Eye Contact

The few times that I have been at a nudist beach, I have discovered that there is the ‘perfect’ amount of eye contact that establishes you are friendly and wish the other person/couple a good day; however, if you go a second past it, then you are creepy! [complex_personas]

8. No Sex in Public

I was born at a nudist resort. My dad is on the shareholder’s board, handles the newsletter, and is a more hardcore nudist than I am; he never wears clothes unless he has to because other people.

Sexual behavior of any kind is not allowed at the resort (except on your own rented/owned property, never in any of the common areas). A huge part of the reason is that kids are present. We’re here to be comfortable in our own skins, out in the peace and quiet of nature, no clothing required, but it must be family-friendly. New members go through serious screening to prevent perverts (read: pedophiles) and those who have the wrong idea from getting in. One violation, and you’re out on your a*s faster than you can say, “It was an accident!”

Also, no guests without a shareholder’s approval and escort. For the same reason: keep out the wrong sort.

Nudists can be rather elitist, I suppose, but it’s necessary to ensure that the kids are safe. [Renegade_Winter]

9. Practical Garments are Allowed

Pads are worn with underpants or bikini bottoms. Wearing a wrap is fine, too. No one minds at all.

It’s generally accepted by nudists that you can and should wear any garment for which there’s a practical need. This includes sports bras for athletic activities, too, and shoes, hats, shawls, aprons, wetsuits, rash-guards and sun-protection as required.

The idea is to maximise your comfort by minimising your outfit, but it’s not a rule, it’s not a dare, and you’re not getting points taken off for failure to disrobe completely. [Deplicant]

10. Get a Room!

If you’re getting hot and heavy, take it someplace private. Everyone’s naked. It happens. A lot of nudist resorts and campgrounds are actually really family oriented. Don’t jerk off your significant other on the beach. Really not cool. There are places specifically for that kind of thing, where it is adults only.

Source: I grew up a nudist [JamesBlitz00]

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