What You Shouldn’t Do with Your Garbage

Garbage men list out the pet peeves of dealing with people’s trash


Those who collect and dispose of garbage have the most important and at the same time, most undervalued jobs at the same time. They have to deal with overflowing garbage bins, navigate hazardous waste such as dirty diapers and syringes, putting their personal safety at risk. They tell us what people do with their trash that frustrates them the most.

1. No Needles

My father was a garbage man/driver back in the 90s. He said a worker of his was pricked by a hypodermic needle. Turned out to be okay, but yeah, don’t don’t that. [ImNoSheepl]

2. No Liquids

I am a janitor, but I will answer anyway. People need to realize that liquids do not belong in a trash bag. Liquid always finds a way, either to inside the basket or much worse, the floor. Liquid always finds a way. [andsendunits]

3. Tie Them Up!

Tie your trash bags, please. And empty your cup before tossing, you put in soda or juice but somehow it smells awful 20 min later. [Wishihadagirl]

4. Don’t Stuff Them Silly

All that weight adds up too. Chucking heavy bags into the truck and having them rip open all over the road makes for a bad day. [hotxrayshot]

5. Don’t Put Bleach

My dad was a garbage man and a dog catcher for our small town when I was really young.. he said people putting Bleach on top of the bags in their trash cans to stop opossums and other wildlife from getting in them was the worst. [ikwatchua]

6. Rotten Meat and Fish Stinks

I worked as a garbage collector when I was in high school. The number one annoyance was fish that had been left out to rot in the summer heat. I guess what I’m tryin to say is if you have to dispose of fish and other marine animals, put then in several layers of bags or whatever, especially in the summer months. [drjimshorts]

7. A Little Consideration, Perhaps?

Worked as a garbage man for a summer in high school. Things that pissed me and the full timers off.

The people who don’t put their cans out and then call and b**ch that we didn’t pick up their can even though they put it out.

I get it you live alone, don’t produce much garbage so why should you have to drag that half full can out to the curb every week? Probably because someone else has to pick that shit up and smell the two week old garbage when you don’t.

As far as I know garbage cans come with lids. So why is it people don’t use them especially when it is raining? Nothing says you’re an a**hole like a can filled to the brim with water. [ErikaCD]

8. Just Think of Our Safety

  1. If you’re gonna put out a bag full of broken glass, leave me a note so I don’t cut my leg off.
  2. Put your used needles (insulin, heroin, ect) into a coffee or Pringles can. If we get stuck with a dirty needle we’re in for a bad day. [SaabinDeep]

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