WhatsApp Has Copied Snapchat and People Are Pissed

Whatsapp has replaced text statuses with 24-hour picture stories


On February 20, WhatsApp replaced their regular status updates with a new feature called ‘Status’. This new feature allows you to post images, gifs, short videos and embellish it with emojis. Sounds familiar? These statuses last for only 24 hours and privacy settings can be toggled within the app so that they are restricted to certain people in the contact list.

Facebook-owned WhatsApp already has a mammoth 1 billion users and it seems like they wanted tackle Snapchat and Instagram head on with what some are calling a ‘plagiarised’ idea. Snapchat has already seen a 82 percent drop in user growth after Instagram Stories launched last year. Instagram is already owned by Facebook; does the new WhatsApp feature spell the end of Snapchat?


Whether Snapchat survives this or not, Whatsapp users are mighty upset about the new pictorial statuses and are voicing their displeasure on, where else— Whatsapp’s new status feature. They are calling it “pathetic”, “plagiarism” and are accusing Facebook of copying Snapchat and Instagram. One user even went so far as to say her entire WhatsApp contact list will be privy to what’s going on in her life. Here’s what they are saying:

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