When 500 Indian Twitter Users Couldn’t Identify the Right Chris Martin

After the Global Citizen Concert, Indian Twitterati followed Chris Martin on Twitter; only that it was the comedian and not the singer


Chris Martin is a man who does not really need any introduction, right? He is the lead singer of the famous band Coldplay. But is this Chris Martin the only famous Chris Martin? No! Absolutely not!

We were still not over the sublime high of Coldplay performing on our soil and it was quite natural to look the band members up on all social media platforms to keep a track of them. So after the much talked about and gushed about Global Citizen Festival on November 19, 2016, hundreds of Twitter users looked for their beloved singer Chris Martin to follow him on Twitter. What they found was another verified account, and almost 500 of them followed this user without looking at his picture carefully. It may sound stupid, but this actually happened. And they did the correct thing by following this user; this Chris Martin is hysterical and has a verified Twitter account because he is a famous comedian from Britain.


Comedian Chris likes all sorts of music and believes that Coldplay are good. “They seem to really split people, but I think they’re good. You can’t sell out arenas and be bad,” he says. The comedian added to his Twitter bio, “NOT IN COLDPLAY. Currently HUGE in India,” clarifying the mistake Twitterati was making. Later, he even changed his profile picture where he holds up a sign that reads, “NOT IN COLDPLAY”, reiterating the fact that he was not Chris Martin of the Coldplay fame.

screenshot_20161121-20503401When Monday was being its cruel self that it usually is, comedian Chris tweeted out clearing the misunderstanding that he was not the singer Chris Martin but thinks that this was a fun escape from boredom he was subject to as his wife is out of town. “It was on Saturday night after I did a show in Coventry, when I saw the hike in number of my followers. I thought to myself, the gig went well but I didn’t see 500 Indians in the crowd,” Chris says.

screenshot_20161121-20525901When Chris tweeted out saying that he’s not the one who sang ‘Vande Matram’ with AR Rahman in Mumbai, Twittersphere exploded with these followers who had a hearty time laughing at themselves and replying to his tweets. Chris says he enjoyed replying to them as well. “I now feel an obligation to keep all these Indian followers entertained,” He says. “Someone also put a photo of me next to the other Chris Martin to show how similar we looked. I think we just look like two white guys with half-baked facial hair.”

screenshot_20161121-20525901People haven’t unfollowed him even he clarified his real identity. Which is only fair, right? They may have followed him for a different reason, but Chris gave them a reason to not unfollow him.

“None of the followers have unfollowed me as of yet. Lot of these people are following me out of pity, but I’ll take it,” he says.

Chris is taking all this sportingly. “Someone said. ‘I watched your videos and trust me they were not at all funny. Still, good luck buddy.’ It was probably the most polite troll I’ve ever had,” Chris further adds.

Comedian Chris has been mistaken to be singer Chris before but never on Twitter. “I get people in the crowd of my gigs who shout out things sometimes, but that’s it. It’s the first time on Twitter.”

screenshot_20161121-20493201This entire scenario opened gates for Chris to consider doing a show for his newfound Indian followers. “I’d love to do a show in India. I’ve never visited the country before but it is on my list of places to visit. And I’ll mention this incident in one of my gigs whenever I perform out there.”

screenshot_20161121-20495401He even tweeted out to us Indians asking to arrange tickets for the next Test Match between England and India. “The entire episode was fun, and if I could get some cricket tickets out of it, that would be ace,” Chris says. He has tweeted this to Sachin Tendulkar, who was present at the MMRDA grounds for the Coldplay concert.

Chris was sweet enough to consider sending out the messages he received from his new Indian followers to singer Chris, but because the latter is not on Twitter, he couldn’t. We really hope that comedian Chris meets singer Chris soon so that he can pass on our love to him. This also means that it will be full house for comedian Chris Martin’s shows in our country.

Thank you both for entertaining us, Chrises!