When is President’s Day?

       Presidents day is on 16 February 2015 usually it is celebrated on the third Monday of February.Presidents day 2015 is nationally recognized as the federal bank holiday and originally carried out to honor the Father (George Washington) of United States of America with a day set aside for honoring and remembering the First President of America.

Presidents day officially known as the Washington’s Birthday is celebrated to honor George Washington the first president of America. Some states in America celebrates the Washington birthday as the president’s day while some states honors Abraham Lincoln as his birthday also falls in mid of February.

So, some states collectively celebrate their birthday. The states that officially celebrates birthday of Washington and Lincoln together are Arizona, Montana, Colorado, and Utah. Still officially the day is called as the Washington Day by the Federal Government. On President’s day, Americans remember their president’s as they have worked hard and served for the welfare of the country.

There is a strange fact behind the president’s day that it never falls on the actual birthdays of any American president. Actually Washington birthday is on 22 February and Abraham Lincoln birthday is on 12 February but the presidents day 2015 is on 16 February (third Monday of Feb). President’s day for 2013, 2014 and 2016 falls on 18, 17 and 15 February which never coincides with their actual birthday.

The Presidents day 2015 is a weekend celebration day in most of the states where most of the schools and colleges are closed and people celebrates this long weekend in honor of their First President by either picking up something Fun like Cherries or by visiting several places like the museums, library. Some enjoy by visiting certain holiday destinations. Some public schools teach their students about the lives and hard work of their presidents focusing on “George Washington” and “Abraham Lincoln”. The motive behind this is that the people understand their duties and must defend the constitution.

This President’s day 2015 will be also exciting due to holiday and the exciting sales and offers it comes with. Presidents day weekend has lots of sales in the Retail stores where you can be benefitted with a lot of discounts. You can also visit stores like Walmart which will be offering sales on wide range on products. This day has always brought alot of spending in the market before the 2008 crisis the total expenditure in US was around $10 million but after the crisis it has been near 7-8 million dollar. This time as the US economy has improved so markets has predicted spendings about ten million dollar again.

Source by Manish Bhati