When Nat Geo Turned into a Daily Soap Opera

Nat Geo’s dramatic video of two male penguins fighting over a mate is highly sensationalised

Image Credit: Twitter/Nat Geo

“But this husband has come home to find his wife with another penguin. He flips out. His strategy is simple: batter the home-wrecker.” These were the words that the narrator used to explain animal instincts of love, possessiveness and jealousy, similar to the emotions human beings battle every day. Not only were these words used to narrate the incident, but also to promote the brutal video NatGeo made as part of their ‘Animal Fight Night’ series.  This form of promotion worked wonders for them, because it led to emotional outbreaks on Twitter, with people bad mouthing the home-wrecker, and rooting all the way for the “husband”.

Everyone knows that penguins are the cutest, cuddliest little animals that are loyal, and that they mate for life. But one little penguin had a slip-up. In the video, two male penguins are battling each other over a female penguin. Nat Geo presented this as a dramatic little short film about a love triangle. Not only was the narration evil, but it was also uncalled for and exaggerated to present it in a way similar to a soap opera.



The reactions it produced on the Internet were quite silly. There were people accusing the home-wrecker and going all out supporting the betrayed husband. Interestingly, it was the female who was disloyal to her mate, but all the anger was directed towards the “home-wrecker” when she finally made her choice to be with him. A Twitter profile dedicated to the ‘husband’ has also been created.

More than the fact that this video was meant to represent the emotions in a way similar to humans emotions, we think that reactions to this dramatic film speaks volumes.