When People Were Stopped from Helping Animals

Where has the compassion gone?

Priyanka Chand's pets, Gopu and Kulfi

It is hard enough for the strays to survive in this city. Viral video after video emerge on the Internet about heinous acts committed against strays. However, some good samaritans are here to help these strays. But these people don’t have it easy either. Here are some  heart-breaking stories where people were stopped from helping strays.

A notice banning stray dogs
Miirdu Khosla, founder director of Zycphher Studios, WedRed and Cat Café Studio, used to feed the stray dogs every day, along with her friends. One night, the secretary of their society asked her to stop doing so. He also questioned as to why she let them follow her at night in the building. Charu Khosla, Jason Moss, Rehman Charania, Mirza Askari, Rita Khosla have faced similar problems like Miirdu because of the fact that they feed strays and continue to do so. “There are no government rules that say you can’t feed animals, or you can’t pet them, but people who pet them go through a lot of stress,” says Miirdu.


Achala tells us about the time when she wasn’t allowed to let her dogs use the lift when they had severe medical conditions. Zoey, who was rescued, had undergone surgery because he had been hit and Indie, a golden retriever who suffered from hip disability, weren’t allowed to use the lift as well. Achala, the owner of these dogs says, “The housing society harassed us endlessly, even though I showed them the Animal Welfare Board of India rules.” (Section I-(d), the Animal Welfare Board of India states the rule for use of lifts by pets.)

Priyanka Chand, an actress, was thrown out by her landlord during the monsoon because she fed a dog and it always followed her around. The residents of the housing society where she lived had beaten Gopu, the stray dog Priyanka fed, so badly that he was quiet for two days. He refused to touch the food he was given. Priyanka took it in before she was thrown out of the building. Now, she has two pet dogs and a cat, all of them have been rescued and live happily with her. Gopu, the reason for Priyanka’s eviction, followed her and now lives with her.

A rescued dog
A rescued dog
Rehman Charania, an officer at the Animal Welfare Department, says, “Every day we hear and read about instances of animal cruelty and we should ask ourselves: Are we great as a nation? Where’s our morality when our street animals who are the most vulnerable are treated so brutally?”

It may be difficult to go out of your way to help these stray animals. One doesn’t have to do it if it isn’t possible. What we can do is support the people who are brave and proactive enough to help.

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