When ‘Shape of You’ Meets Bharatanatyam, It’s Pure Magic

Why Mumbai girl Lekha Trivedi’s version is one of our favourite covers of the hit song

Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape of You’ has got innumerable cover versions, especially in India. From IIT Roorkee students to Odissi dancers matching their steps to the catchy beats to a Carnatic cover, I thought I’d seen it all. But I was mesmerised when I came across a Bharatanatyam dance cover of the song on YouTube recently.

The video begins with Lekha Trivedi dressed as an Indian classical dancer matching her steps to the rhythm of the track. What I really liked is that she brings about a perfect amalgamation of postures and expressions in tandem to the beats of the song. The young Mumbai-based dancer tells us what inspired her to create a Bharatanatyam dance cover and which song she plans to cover next.

What was the inspiration behind a cover of Shape of You with Bharatanatyam?

The motivation has always been my love for dance and trying new levels in it. ’Shape of You’ gave me the chance to pass on a message that classical is a dance form that blends with any music in an interesting and innovative way. I understood the lyrics and then started coordinating the steps while fitting the words of the song. It took me about a week to complete this cover which included one day of rough video practice on my society terrace. It was my mom who rectified my steps and my brother shot the dance sequence.

Your postures and expressions sync beautifully with the rhythm of the song. Does that come naturally to you?

I got attached to this form of style when I was 4 years old, the connectivity to the style helps me connect to the different forms of music and connect to the rhythm as well.

Why did you perform Bharatanatyam in the first half of the song?

The basic concept of performing any classical form is to increase the connectivity through actions, expression and gestures. The reason I took up the first half of the song is that it involves all the expression and feelings of a human being who feels the magic of love…!”

Any plans on covering more songs?

Right now, the song that has caught my interest is “No lie” and some others as well which I will try my best to cover and post online.