When the Barber’s Scissor Goes Helter-Skelter

We don't want to use the cliche 'hair-raising' word here, but that's what it can be like

Aditya Sharma

“What I learnt from this experience is that you should definitely not sleep while the hair dresser cuts your hair,” says Aditya Sharma, who recently got a haircut that he regrets. Going to get your hair cut, whether it’s the usual trim or a new style, always has one sitting on the edge of their seat. The hair dresser may have styled your hair for years, but these incidents will tell you why you should not trust them blindly. Ever.

Aditya wanted to try a new look since he was bored with his previous one. He asked the hair dresser to cut his hair in a way that would suit him. In retrospect, maybe he shouldn’t have. When the scissors and combs came out on the battle field, Aditya dozed off in the chair. Satisfied with his work, the hair dresser woke him up with a smile on his face, asking him how he liked the look. Aditya, who had fallen into a state of shock, didn’t utter a word; he couldn’t stop staring at his head.

His hair was now extremely shorter on the sides and longer in the middle. There was a strange mountain-shaped design on the back of his neck. To add to that, the left side of his head had one shaved line, which looked like the border between the long and the short hair. He paid and walked out without a word. His next task now was to convince everyone that his hair looked good. Though his hair is growing out well, he says he would definitely try out the same cut in the future. He might even make it his signature look, but probably without the shaved line and the weird design at the back.

As a child, Ansh Shah had an attachment to his side burns and the hair falling on his forehead. His absolute nightmare at the time was losing his temple hair, and lo and behold, it came true. His dad left him at the salon to get a cut while he took care of some tasks. Little Ansh sat on the chair and strictly told the hair dresser to not cut this temple hair too short whenever he reached for the hair on the sides. The barber suddenly asked him to shut his eyes, stating he needed to cut the hair above his eyes.

Need I tell you what happened next? The entire section of his hair starting from his temple to behind his ear was missing. The minute he saw that his beloved temple hair had suffered a sad demise, he started crying. He cried a river and refused to pay the hairdresser. He then proceeded to cuss at him, and ran out of the salon to find his dad. Though his dad wasn’t very happy, he went back to pay for his son’s hair cut despite a crying Ansh’s insistence not to. Ansh felt violated, and swore to never enter that salon again. Today, he doesn’t care much about his side locks, but that was one traumatizing experience for a kid in Grade 6.

Cher D’cruz loves her fringe as much as she loves cute stationary. She’s had a fringe since she was a kid, and till this day, she only prefers this hairstyle. Obviously, this story revolves around how a hair dresser messed up her dear fringe when she was 17. The stylist washed her hair before cutting it and started giving her the usual trim. When he reached the fringe, Cher advised him not to cut it while the hair was still wet, since it’d become even shorter once dried. Of course, he completely ignored what she said and kept cutting. And that’s how Cher left the salon with a really short fringe. Each day she would straighten her hair so it would seem longer, but it was quite noticeable. This has left Cher with trust issues when it comes to hair stylists, and no one dares touching her fringe. She either cuts it herself, or puts faith in her elder sister.

Ansh Bhatia
Ansh Bhatia

A year ago, Ansh Bhatia entered a good salon to style his long hair. He was shown fancy hair cuts on an iPad, and he picked the one he liked best. Ansh said that he only goes for a hair cut twice or thrice a year, so he knew there was a lot of hair for the dresser to work with. All types of different trimming machines appeared, but Ansh didn’t mind, as he was under the impression that they were needed because of his long hair. He told the dresser to not cut the sides of his head short before the dresser could begin.

Suddenly, Ansh realised that he could feel the breeze hitting one side of his head. He figured something was definitely not right, and touched that spot. To his utter surprise, he couldn’t feel any hair there! The dresser had given him a mohawk. For the next month, he received a couple of compliments along with some jokes.

Tashaan Makhecha got short layers even after the hair stylist insisted it wouldn’t look good, because YOLO. Tashaan requested her to give her a cut that she had never tried before. “Why on earth did I ever go ahead with that haircut? I wish I could just undo it at times,” says Tashaan. She mentions that she couldn’t stop cribbing about it. Her family and friends would try to make her feel better by saying that the cut looked good, but they weren’t aware of the internal screaming in her head. This cut is something that she won’t dare ever to get again, and entering that same salon is out of the question. One thing she’s learnt from this experience is to listen to her sister’s advice, no matter what.

Once you get a bad haircut, there’s not much that can be done. You have to get comfortable with it so that you can go about your daily tasks without feeling embarrassed. You can only wait for it to grow back. Though going to a good salon does count for something, you shouldn’t blindly trust it. Isn’t that pretty undeniable by now?

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