When Vacations Go Wrong

Don’t we all eagerly await our vacations? Whether it’s from school, college or work; even a week off sounds like a blessing from the Gods. Plans are made well in advance or at the last minute and every detail is thrashed out like we are planning a secret CIA operation (okay that’s an exaggeration but you get my point). But all of us have had at least one vacation that goes down in our memory as the time when everything went wrong. Let’s be honest; we have all experienced a holiday that we are either too embarrassed to talk about or one which makes us crack up every time we think about it! People tell us about how their vacations got off to a great start but turned a bit disastrous soon after.

1. Stuck in the Mountains


Umang Kale will never forget his 2012 trip to Manali. Everything was beautiful and peaceful, with snow- capped mountains and the breath-taking haven the mountains offers. All was well and they had a very enjoyable trip… until that is, they were returning.

“My family and I were enjoying a trip to Manali around 5 years ago. It was and is a beautiful place and over-all we had an amazing experience. But what happened while we were returning, though, is what made this trip one of the most memorable one ever for me. The bus we were returning in from Manali to Delhi broke down in the middle of the road on a steep mountain. We were stuck there, on that mountain slope for a couple of hours! It was frustrating at first, but the scenic view soothed us all and we bonded really even closer as a family in those few hours. The beauty of that place does that to you! Soon, a local government bus came along and all these people got down from this luxurious A/C bus and crammed into an already- crowded bus. It was a cramped, uncomfortable and an extremely long journey but to me… it will always remain a special memory with my family.”

2. The Haunting  


Shreya Morita and her family decided to travel to the forts of Rajasthan some of which are believed to be haunted. But our girl had been haunted, not by the ghosts of a long- abandoned fort… but by something more natural. In her own words…

“So, we were taking a tour of the second most haunted fort of Rajasthan (Bhanghar fort) and we wandered around in awe and kind of maybe took the wrong turn. We ended up in the same spot we took off from and that spooked us all out, honestly. But at that time while my family was busy getting scared, all I was scared about was wetting myself because I had to pee so badly! I had to control myself for over 5 hours while we were travelling and my bladder was screaming for mercy. The first dhaba we saw after that, I ran in to the loo and literally felt like I received Jannat after that! My mother did not let us click any pictures of the fort as she is very superstitious and did not want to take any spirits home with her! So, word of advice for those travelling there- don’t go to the toilets inside the fort because it’s dirty and probably has centuries of poop stored in it, as far as I could tell!”

3. The Spooky Driver


Hridaya Ajgaonkar will never forget her trip to Goa with 3 other girlfriends in March 2016! What better company does one have than the locals who live at their place of visit? Or so you would expect…

“So we got off the train and as we had booked our travel cab in advance, it was waiting for us along with what we thought was one very friendly driver uncle. Instead, we found ourselves a man who after hearing us talk to each other for a while started lecturing us on how we should all be more like the ‘Firangi’ girls who come for a visit. He was of a very strong and well- voiced opinion about how they are all very well- behaved and we should learn from them. After hearing his lectures for some time, we decided to call the agency and get the driver changed as there was no way on earth we were going to spend the rest of our trip being taught how to behave like ‘ladies’!

So, after getting a new driver we resumed our trip with what we thought was normalcy. But of course, we were wrong! It started off well with him telling us about his wife and kids. Then he went on to show us where his lives and said “Idhar meri dhadkan reheti hai” (This is where my heart lives) and the way he said it made it awkward and we were all like “Okay, bro.” He then proceeded to ask us who our God was. We replied saying Ganapati and stuff. He then told us that his God is the one “Jo cross pe mara” (the one who died on the cross) which we found strange, because he wasn’t just saying Lord Jesus like normal people! So this went on, till he pointed up the road and said “Idhar na Goa ka log apna mara hua aadmi daalta hai” (this is the place Goans dump their dead) and we thought it was a cemetery. When we reached there we discovered that he was talking about the dumping ground! He kept saying all sorts of weird stuff like how he can cut down a person using a needle. We were so creeped out by then that we stopped expecting a normal, peaceful trip. It sure was a hilarious trip though, one not easily forgotten!”

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