Why Avoiding Alcohol In High Blood Pressure Is Recommended

Alcohol can screw your life's happiness


In a Los Angeles study made sometime in 1967, it was proven that there was a connection between alcohol consumption and high blood pressure. In the said study, it stated that continuous alcohol intake is directly proportional to the increase in the level of blood pressure, hence, if alcohol consumption increases and so does the blood pressure. This was supported by succeeding medical observations.

As a matter of fact, it was estimated that alcohol consumption accounted for the high blood pressure of at least 5 percent up to a high of 25 percent among the participants, according to the Harvard Medical School Health Letter.

Furthermore, the study established the significant effects of drinking occasionally as against regular drinking. Drinking excessively and heavily on a daily basis can trigger high blood pressures as opposed to drinking moderately also on a daily basis, but did not result in high blood pressure in the majority of the subjects. Hence, the link between alcohol and high blood pressure is in its excessive intakes.

A lot has been said and written that alcohol really affects the body disposition. Nevertheless, the reason how alcohol raises the blood pressure remains unsure.

There are two possibilities to this;

One is the direct effect of the hormones on the elevation or reduction of the blood pressure. When there is an overproduction of hormones due to alcohol intake, blood pressure tends to escalate. This is also the reason why medication has no effect on alcohol-related high blood pressure and blood pressure returns to normal when alcohol intake is stopped.

The other is the alteration of the potassium-sodium-calcium- fluid balance inside and outside the cells. This will cause the capillaries to constrict thereby increasing the peripheral resistance that leads to high blood pressure.

However, the matter of alcohol and high blood pressure created further confusion by the fact that there are those who support alcohol by enumerating some of its good effects to the heart. These studies are based on random sampling of individual subjects and therefore not at all conclusive.

Whatever the underlying reasons, it is best to stop drinking alcoholic beverages; plain and simple. This way, you don’t have to worry whether alcohol and high blood pressure are inter-related to each other. The conclusion whether alcohol has a good or bad effect to the body still lies in the individual based on the premise that he has the first-hand knowledge on how alcohol affects his body.

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