Why Clarins Skincare Products Are So Popular

They have always made product safety their number one priority, both for clients and for the environment

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In the highly competitive world of skin care and beauty products, there is one brand that consistently receives noteworthy praise from widespread users. Clarins!

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Clarins, a family company, was started back in 1954 by Jacques Courtin-Clarins who was a medical student at the time. He had begun to treat patients with circulatory problems using massage and noticed a pronounced improvement in their skin condition and tone. This led to his focusing research upon techniques that improved the way that patients felt and looked, using botanical oils. Eventually, he opened the Paris based Clarins Instituts de Beaute, the first to use 100% pure plant extracts.

Clarins is still a family company with Christian Courtin-Clarins, son of the company founder, residing as chairman since 2000. They have always made product safety their number one priority, both for clients and for the environment. They have outstanding expertise in the development of beauty and skincare products that are genuinely effective and this underpins their popularity and reputation in the competitive beauty products market.

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Clarins products are all completely free of any ingredients of animal origin, their primary components being mainly derived from plants, extracts, and essential oils. They use state of the art quality control and testing methods to ensure that all ingredients and products are entirely safe and effective to use. They provide precise details of the expected product life of their organically based products on their packaging to ensure that customers are fully informed of how long a product remains safe to use.

Feedback from customers has always been immensely important to the Clarins company. They use this valuable data to inform all aspects of their product development from inspiration through to packaging and disposal. This close relationship between the manufacturer and the end user has made an enormous contribution to the quality of the Clarins products and the ongoing satisfaction of customers.

There are numerous other beauty and skincare product manufacturers who would do well to learn from the factors that have led to Clarins’ success and popularity. These include the following:

  • Their products are thoroughly tested and verified as safe and effective
  • They use no animal based ingredients
  • Products are based on botanical plant extracts
  • Customer feedback and dialogue with users inform their innovation

These factors are combined in a winning formula, much like the Clarins products themselves.

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They have been responsible for many notable innovations including pure plant extract face and body oils, made available to the public way back in 1966. These were Clarins’ first Aroma Phyto products. In 1983 they developed what has become a legendary complexion pick-me-up called Beauty Flash Balm. This outstanding product continues to be popular and recognised today as one of the best skincare products ever made. Clarins is acclaimed as the first skin care company to identify the link between exposure to atmospheric pollution and accelerated skin aging. To protect the skin Clarins developed the Expertise 3P Screen Mist which is an easily applied antioxidant skin protector.

Since their beginning, over 50 years ago, Clarins has been focused on providing effective skin care and beauty products made using only highest quality ingredients. This has led to them becoming the success that they are today and they continue to lead the way with their responsible approach to the environment, climate change and use of the earth’s natural resources.

Source by Tony S Gee