Why Different Handlebars Are Designed For Various Bicycles?

A handle bar is a steering tool that maintains your balance when you drive it towards your way

In any mechanism like bicycle, motor, watercraft or water boat, handlebars are an important mechanism that drives your passion. It is a steering tool that maintains your balance when you drive it towards your way. It is also believed handlebars also support a portion of the rider’s weight on the bicycle or any driving mechanism. It is also somehow equivalent to the steering wheel mechanism used in four wheeler vehicles. You cannot think of a bicycle without a handlebar. If it removed you cannot drive it. This is one such essential part of the bicycle that drives your bicycle wherever you want. Handlebars are specially designed for all different kinds of bicycles in different styles. It is manufactured keeping in view the different types of riding styles for any kind of riders.

Generally, handlebars are made of aluminum alloys but it also made of some other metals. These metals can be steel, titanium, carbon fiber or some other alloys. Today you will varieties of handlebars to choose for your bicycle but earlier there was not much option to choose. Some of the today’s most used types of handlebars are Drop, Flat or raiser, Upright or North road, Touring or Trekking, Triathlon or aero, BMX, cruiser, Moustache, Ape hangers and Recumbent. Drop handles have shallow or deep drop used on road or track bicycles. It has a flat top section which brings more comfort to hands. Drop handlebars also have sometimes two or more longitudinal indentations. Raiser or flat bars are standard bars used for mountain bikes, fixed gear bikes. It is straight but slightly bent towards the rider.

Upright is also known as Townie because it has seen an upgrade in popularity on some of the hybrid models and city bikes. Actually, these are bars are swept back facing towards the rider. Touring type bars are known as “Butterfly” as it seen as a broken figure of eight arrangement mounted horizontally on the stem. This bar allows the rider to have comfort in their hands and also get an upright position. Triathlon or aero handlebars are specially designed for racing bicycles and time trial bicycles. Pursuit bars also popularly known as bullhorns because the bars are designed to look as curve up and forward just same as horns. This bar is named after the discipline of track racing where it was originally used at first. BMX bars are used on BMX bicycles and are more rise than straight also has a cross brace to provide rigidity and strength.

As BMX bars are used on BMX bicycles similarly cruise bars are used on cruiser bicycles. It appears to be long and slope towards the rear of the bicycle to allow riders to have comfortable sitting in upright position. Mustache bars resemble their name very well. The design of this bar is curved forward from the stem and then also back towards the rider. This designed came in concept from the school children in Japan as semi drop bars. Recumbent bicycles have a lot in variety and so do not equip with handlebars. It appears nowhere in the bicycle.

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