Why Digital Infidelity Is On The Rise Among Today’s Generation

Technology is becoming a big threat to relationships today

Digital Infidelity has become a growing problem all over the world in the midst of the advancement of technology through the access on the internet. Nowadays, it is easy to hook up and meet other people using the computers, laptops or notebooks.

People interact using the latest gadgets and spend hours chatting and making video calls online. What a convenient way to interact with other people who are thousands of miles away from each other. Just one click of the button and connection to the internet will make things happen for them.


People find the idea exhilarating when they pretend to be other people. Some people find it hard to reveal they’re true selves so they pretend that they are somebody else. Such activity gives them the adrenaline rush, which they might need to add spice and color to their boring lives.

With almost 90% of the global population addicted to the internet these days, everybody opens up himself to the idea of making friends and meeting people for the first time using social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace or Friendster. These networking sites will unlock their doors to several possibilities like sexual infidelity, role-playing games, and emotional association. Everyone is a player here. Single people who are in existing relationships and most especially married, people take advantage by pretending they are free to enter new relationships, but in truth, they are not. In effect, the marriage and relationships suffer because the partners engage in forbidden affairs.


What is Cyber Sex?

The internet is an avenue to fulfill the sexual fantasies of thrill seekers. Some people find gratification in hookups online. They just use the webcam and they do foreplay while satisfying their sexual urges without doing the actual act.

For them, they find satisfaction in living in a make-believe world. This is something new to them and they can engage with multiple partners after ending a conversation with one acquaintance.

This activity greatly affects the married life of couples. The husband or the wife who seeks sexual pleasures from online partners clearly disrupts the married couple’s relationship. The focus of the other partner is divided because his addiction to cyber sex eats up most of his time and attention.


This is a form of cheating because one person who is committed is lying and being dishonest to his partner. Betrayal and distrust can ruin any marriage. It is a sad to believe but this has become a fact.

It has become the cause of divorce and separation of a great number of wedded couples who used-to-be happily married.


Watching Pornography Online

Watching pornography online increases the sexual appetites of partners who are no longer physically attracted to their mates. They enticed by the allure of other individuals who catch their attention by the way they dress, walk and talk or how they carry themselves. Being fascinated by another person draws the other partner to give in to his sexual desires.

By watching pornography online, a person’s libido is increased. A person feels empowered when his sexual drive increases. Married couples experience sexual problems. Sometimes, when a partner is no longer drawn to his mate, he/she does not have the craving to get in bed with him/her.

Or most of the time, sex is no longer present in the relationship because they feel tired due to work or overwhelmed by stress caused by their kids or obligations in the home.


The uninterested partner now wants to pop up to his jaded life or daily routine, so his immediate escape is to watch pornography and readily available online. Sex can be addictive. It sends out pleasurable experiences, momentary bliss, and short-lived ecstasy.

Seeking carnal knowledge outside of the home may be gratifying to some men or women. But the effect of this marital infidelity is destructive in a relationship.

The hate and resentment of the partner will have a great impact in the family home. Children will be affected and eventually, the couple resort to end the agony through a divorce. The long-term effect of infidelity will divide the family and later destroy the future of their kids.


















A married person who is tired of his partner will engage in another married person just to have sex and to satisfy his urges and fantasies, which he cannot get from his partner at home. The same thing goes to the other spouse who seeks sexual gratification from another person.

Both spouses give their consent in exchanging sexual partners in order to zest up their relationship. They find their sex partners on the internet by entering pornographic websites and checking- out who are willing to lie in bed with them, all for the sake of lust and thirst for sex.


This act is morally disturbing because this is not an accepted norm in the human society. This is shocking to the moral senses and can be considered as a barbaric act only practiced by animals for they do not have brains to think and distinguish right from wrong is, However, this modern ideology of other married couples is not practiced by the majority of human beings.

Many of us still value fidelity and loyalty to only one partner. Sadly, statistics show that infidelity cases have tremendously gone up. In this age and time, the main source of pornography is the Internet.


Being faithful is a difficult mission every married couple should take by heart. With the proliferation of pornography online, one cannot close his/her eyes to the evil temptations surrounding our society. We are only humans and sometimes although the mind wills you to be morally upright, the body or the flesh is weak.

To avoid this, we should be able to establish strong ties with our mates in our current relationships and work hard to keep it the passion alive. Some people are lazy to go the extra mile to nurture and save their relationships.

They find the easy way out and pleasure themselves with the sinful luxury of watching pornography online and engage in virtual sex play without having actual sex. The end- result is digital infidelity.

Source by Dale L. McClure