Together, Forever: How Best Friends are Awesome


All along our life, we keep bumping into humans in the most unexpected ways, who then go on to changing our lives. They become from perfect strangers to strangely perfect people for us. When all the world feels distant, they help us out of our misery. Friends are the people who make our lives a better place. Friends are not just people you hang out with, they really matter. So we asked a couple of students about their relationship with their best friends.

1. Fights Don’t Matter 


Fights are a regular occurrence between friends who know they’re going to be together forever. The fights usually happen over the phone or on social networking media, the reasons are usually quite stupid, but the anger mostly genuine. You know your friend is a keeper, when after a fight just like this you happen to pass each other on the street and get drawn to each other like two magnets, who don’t remember having a heated argument hours ago. Vaishnavi Gupta, a BSc student from Bhopal, says “My best friend and I, fight with each other every once in a week, and the next day when we see each other in college we hug and laugh and talk like nothing ever happened. I guess that’s what keeps us going, our love that doesn’t let childish feuds get between us.”

2. They Are Always There For You


Having a best friend is a blessing. And having a best friend who keeps his promise of being there by you whenever you need them is a blessing whose extent can never be described in mere words. From always having a joke up their sleeve, which is never actually funny but it’s their attempt that makes you smile, to always answering your calls, and like a superhero forever being ready to give you a ride when you’re tired to walk home, you can always count on them. Tushar, a BE student from Vidisha recollects, “I have a friend who I know I can rely upon for anything and everything I need. He’s been there for me ever since we’ve been friends. He is studying outside the city, so even if he comes home for a day or two, he never fails to take out the time and meet me. It’s good to know I have a friend like him.”

3. They Tolerate Your Tantrums


A law aspirant, Prerna, says “My best friend lives at one extreme end of the city and I on the other. So meeting her up regularly is nearly impossible due to our schedules. To keep in touch we are always on the phone talking to each other. Rarely does a day go by when we don’t talk to each other. She’s the listener of the two of us. She always hears me out and is my voice of reason. She bears all my bad jokes and my mood swings. She’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me.” Having a friend who is nothing less than a stronghold is great. They bear all your stupid tantrums, they’re the people you go to advice for, they’re the whole package.

4. Long Distances Aren’t a Problem 


According to Apoorv, a law student, “I guess distance is the best filter for friendship. When two people are true friends, distance doesn’t tear them apart but instead brings them closer than they ever could be. I have friend who recently shifted to a city in another state, and to tell you the truth, we’ve grown closer ever since that’s happened.” Long distance friendships are painful, as you don’t have your rock by your side, but somehow it does make the friendship stronger and better in the relationship.

5. They’re Like Your Second Family


From walking into their homes and finding your phone’s wi-fi connect automatically, zillions of hours on the phone, to even the neighbors recognizing you, friendship is actually about the million little things. “After college, it is rare that I go to my home directly. Since my best friend and I go to different institutes, I’ve grown into the habit of going over to her place even though it’s in the opposite direction. There’s nothing better than watching videos online and having pillow fights to relieve oneself of the day’s stress,” says Joselyn. Friends are the best therapy one can ask for.

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