Why India Needs to be Worried, Really Worried

India is facing one of its worst ever water crisis. 91 reservoirs in the country have only 29% of their total storage capacity, the lowest in a decade and summer is yet to begin. In West Bengal, the National Thermal Power Corporation, which generates electricity through water had to be shut down, the first time in 30 years.

Maharashtra, which is going through its second year of a record breaking drought, is only supplying water once in 3 weeks in Latur and has imposed restrictions on gatherings fearing violence. They have even recommended public swimming pools to be shut down in the coming months.

Madhya Pradesh is also staring at the face of drought for the second consecutive year with 40 areas reporting water shortage. The state is preparing to send tankers to the affected districts.

South India’s reservoir levels are at an alarming 20%. In poverty-stricken Odisha farmers have breached embankments of rivers to get water for their crops.

“Availability of water has been taken for granted till recently. It is so no more. The rapid growth in population, coupled with increasing economic activities, has put a tremendous pressure on the available water resources,” a report by the Central Water Commission states.

With all of this happening at the same time and no concrete measures taken to implement a solution, it won’t be long before water becomes a scarce resource.

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