Why Laser Machining Is Better Than Conventional Methods


Machining is an important part of the manufacturing process and is very expensive when the number of items being manufactured has higher volumes. So it is important to adopt a fast and qualitative approach to this process and use the best machining method available in the market. That’s exactly the point where laser machining comes into the picture to help everyone.

Though laser machining is of great importance but a large majority still opts for conventional machining processes. Conventional machining, by using power driven tools like lathes, drill presses, and milling machines help in material removal by mechanically cutting the material to attain the desired geometry. These methods are both expensive and slow while working on a large volume of unfinished work pieces to create finished products.

Thus it becomes necessary to accept the sophisticated technology of Laser machining for manufacturing process. This form of machining allows easy and quick removal of solid substances from the unfinished work piece by irradiating it with the help of a laser beam. This objective of solid material removal is achieved with a pulsed laser beam; another option could be to use beams of high laser intensity by passing continuous wave laser beams.

The basic process of solid material removal depends on the optical properties of the material and this determines the amount of laser energy absorbed by the material. The laser pulses are very easy to control and precision can be obtained based on the range of duration and flux associated with the pulse. This form of machining is extremely valuable as it can be used both in Industrial Manufacturing Processes as well as in Research activities.

Since no solvents or chemicals are used, this form of machining is both operator and environmental friendly. The machining process is very easy to automate by using robots. The laser pulse is useful to clean metal surfaces, remove coatings, and prepare the surface for painting activities. Although the capital investment cost maybe a bit higher but the actual running cost for Laser machining is lower than other conventional methods used in the market.

Laser machining is also very gentle on the unfinished work pieces as compared to abrasive techniques. The amount of heat required on the target is very less and in composite materials the carbon fibers are not damaged while using this type of machining. Laser machining also allows momentum transfer to the surface being machined, almost similar to hitting the surface of the material with a hammer. This is extremely important to machine the hardened metal surfaces.

So, you can easily see that laser machining is a much better option as compared to other conventional technique. Only few of the benefits are mentioned in previous paragraphs but laser machining has a long list of benefits that can be enjoyed after finding a right company.

Source by Adam Peter