Why Pairing Heels and Socks Is Fashionable

Yes, you read that right! Teaming heels and socks is the next big fashion trend

Fashion is a b*tch! It keeps repeating itself time and again. Back in school, I used to love teaming my mom’s fancy heels with my brightly coloured socks. It made me feel like a popular Hollywood celebrity. Then sh*t happened… Soon, I was a teenager and the heels and socks pairing wasn’t my thing anymore. I realised that the fashion industry had various dressing norms and wearing socks with heels was a ‘no-no’.

But then, after years, the pairing of ‘heels and socks’ was reintroduced as a hot trend on the runway! And I am elated! You look fabulous and insane at the same time but also in a good way.

Historically, novelty/bobby socks were considered to be ugly and one would only wear them at home and pair them with your unsexy nightwear pyjamas or nighties. But that was the time then, now even a simple pair of white socks can be used to make a fashion statement. Take it from Rihanna, who is adored globally for her fashion sense. She was recently seen wearing a pair of socks with pumps. This new look is becoming popular among Hollywood celebrities. From Beyoncé to Rihanna, everyone is stepping out in this new geek-chic look, donning flashy socks with heels to make a bold fashion statement.

This trend was also seen on the runway shows for Christian Dior, Prada and Burberry’s spring fashion collection and now it has made its way right into Bayside Journal’s fashion catalogue.

The whole point of a fashion trend is to master the art like the celebrities. This trend is all about mixing and matching. This season get ready to flaunt your fancy pair of socks. The heels and socks trend will not just keep your warm but will also give you a chance to experiment with different sock styles – variety of colours and textures, from sheer to frill, from loud to boho. You can pick and wear them with your favourite pumps or stilettos or even simple high heel sandals.

This style looks fabulous with cropped jeans, high waist pants, skirts and even dresses. Honestly, we think it makes up for the perfect winter-autumn look. The permutations and combinations in this trend are endless. We have gathered some of the best looks just for you.

1. The Grey Wool Socks


Not only are these socks super chic but also will they keep you super warm. The way to roll this look is to pull your grey wool socks down so they look a bit loose. It is comfortable and adds a subtle vibe to your attire.

2. Taking Care of Minute Details


There are times when your footwear is the most important piece of your ensemble. When that is the case, you can just use a pair of socks to just add to the elegance of your outfit. Make sure you pick a simple colour theme as your statement footwear shouldn’t be overpowered by the socks you wear.

3. Pairing Them with Your Jeans or High-Waist Pants 


Who would have thought that the socks and heels pairing with jeans could look this amazing? One can wear any pair of high heels with ankle length socks. Tan brown footwear looks great with faded jeans and dark high-waist pants. You can pick any pair of dark-coloured socks to go with these footwear. This style is very inspiring.

4. Ruffle/Frill Socks


Ruffled or frilly socks might remind you of your kindergarten days but wouldn’t it be cool to wear them if they look great with bright red heels? I’m telling you — this is completely acceptable for all youngsters. So, go spread the fashion.

5. Pattern Socks 


These might be too flashy for your taste but one should always be open to experimenting. Compliment your high heels or block-coloured heels with these wildly patterned socks. Just ensure that the colour you pick blends well with your footwear.

6. Find any Excuse to Wear Net Socks


When you find a pair of socks that you fall in love with on the first sight, you just need an occasion to show it off. Adding a sheer layer to your outfit is a way to express who you are and what you love. You may not be comfortable to wear netted socks just yet but take this opportunity and make this your personalised style statement.

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