Why Personal Assistant Jobs May Soon Be Extinct

The virtual personal assistant is here to stay

It seems that many companies these days offer personal assistant jobs, but it wasn’t always the case. Being a personal assistant used to only mean becoming a celebrity personal assistant or an executive assistant to someone in top management, such as a president or CEO. Nowadays, even middle managers at busy corporations may have access to their own personal assistant, on a full-time or part-time basis. The next stage has started with a new type of personal assistant; the virtual assistants.


Traditional personal assistant positions are of course still available, but more and more companies are taking advantage of the virtual assistance option. This is not a computer program that is able to run certain programs automatically. A virtual worker is someone who does all the regular duties of a personal assistant through telecommuting. They stay at home, or wherever they prefer to work, and through the use of the telephone, the internet, and other communication devices, they take care of tasks just like a traditional personal assistant would.


These virtual personal assistant opportunities are becoming very popular because the person can do all the regular duties that a PA takes care of, like scheduling, compiling reports, and emailing among other things, and they tend to be cheaper. The employer doesn’t need to pay the overhead of providing this person with an office or paying for transportation costs. The starting wages also tend to be lower.


If you have personal assistant jobs that you’re looking to fill, and you are considering hiring virtual personal assistants to save money and just contract out work rather than hiring new employees, then you may want to choose from individuals living in the area. It may be cheaper to outsource to a location like India, which provides a high number of people looking for this kind of work, but you should consider the future. There may be a time when you need someone to do something in person, and if your expert PA lives in another country, it can be more difficult to arrange certain things effectively.


Over the years there have been many changes to the personal assistant jobs that are available. We are now seeing a new direction that this job is moving towards, as the benefits for companies to hire freelance workers are outweighing the benefits of having permanent PAs on staff. Having a PA physically present in the office is certainly an advantage in a number of respects, but with the economy the way it is and the competitiveness of succeeding in nearly every industry being a challenge, virtual assistants may be the way of the future.

Source by Joanna Whitmire