Why Plantation Shutters Are The Best Window Dressing


Plantation shutters are really the best window dressing that you can get. Timber shutters last much longer than nylon, plastics or vinyl, that all tend to crack in the sun over time. Plantation shutters can simply be kept oiled or painted for a fantastic look that will last for many years.

Plantation shutters are also ideal for allergy sufferers. They are easy to keep free of dust and smoke that often gets into fabric such as curtaining or blinds are made from. All they need is a quick wipe over to clean them. When you suffer badly from allergies, you cannot have anything hanging up that will be likely to catch the dust and keep it there in the home. Dust will not penetrate the timber of plantation shutters like it can with fabric.

You don’t have to take them down and put them through the washing machine, and then hang them out to dry and iron them before putting them up again. Even fabric or plastic blinds have to be taken down and cleaned, a hassle that busy parents could well do without.

Plantation shutters do the work of a blind or curtains without the constant hassle of looking after them and replacing them when they get worn or faded. And you don’t need to wonder if you got the colour right to match your room, because you can either paint them the same colour, or leave them as stained timber which also looks great with any colour scheme.

Another benefit of having plantation shutters is that they provide strong protection from both the forces of nature such as storms and tornados and from burglars or vandals who might throw a rock to break glass. You cannot find a blind or curtain that will do that – of course, they are not meant to provide protection from anything but sun and prying eyes. But plantation shutters do that too, so you get much more value out of them.

Source by Pommy